Filter Spare Parts


Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC specializes in genuine and compatible filter spare parts including elements, housings, and accessories for every application. We are committed to providing reliable filtration solutions that reduce maintenance and minimize downtime.

Filter Spare Parts

Dirty oil can cause catastrophic damage to your engine. With the need for closer tolerances, faster cycle times, higher pressures, and extended service intervals, more demand is being placed on your filters. By using the proper filters for your engines and equipment, you can minimize the possibility of costly downtime and repairs.

Filter spare parts are an important part of maintaining your engines and equipment. The right filtration can help extend the life of your engine and prevent costly repairs. When choosing filter spare parts, it is important to select the proper filter element for your engine. Depending on the application, different filter elements may be required.

Different filter elements are designed for different types of oil filtration. For example, some filter elements are designed for the removal of solid contaminants, while others are designed for the removal of liquid contaminants. Additionally, some filter elements are designed for use with synthetic oils, while others are not.

We provide the correct solution for your filtration requirements. Our replacement filters spare parts range is designed for diesel engines and equipment, hydraulic, and bulk storage tanks. For gas turbines, we provide filtration solutions to increase energy efficiency and generate more megawatts.

A regular maintenance program is crucial in preventing downtime and equipment failure. We provide filters that protect equipment, reduce maintenance, and minimize downtime – giving you one less thing to worry about.

Need Replacement Filter Elements?

Separator Spares & Equipment brings fluid contamination problems under control. Let us help you keep your equipment’s maintenance schedule on track while maximizing uptime across your entire operation. We allow you to save money without losing quality.


from On-board to On-Shore

We provide filter spare parts including filter elements, housing, complete filtration solutions, and accessories for the following brands:


Alfa Laval Moatti Filter
Baldwin Filters
Bollfilter Protection Systems
C.C. Jensen
Cummins Fleetguard
Dahl Baldwin
Donaldson Filtration Solutions
Ingersoll Rand ARO
IOW Group
K&N Performance Filters
Koch Filter
John Deere
Nelson Global Products
Norman Filter Company
Oil Filtration Systems
Parker Racor
Separ Filter
Walker Airsep
Wix Filters
3M Aqua-Pure
3M Cuno Filtration


Filtration Products & Solutions


ABS Approved Fuel Filter Assemblies
Absorption Elements
Acid Removal Filters
Air Cleaner Assemblies
Air Filters
Air Filter Elements
Automatic Backflushing Filtration
Bag Filters
Bypass Centrifugal Filters
Cabin Air Filters
Coalescing Systems
Coolant Filters
Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) Filters
Custom Power Solutions
Diesel Fuel Additives
Diesel Fuel Treatment
Engine Air Filter Elements
Engine Filters
Emissions Filters
Exhaust Products
Filter Dollies

Filter Bags
Filter Carts
Filter Elements
Filter Kits
Filter Media
Filter Replacement Elements
Filter Spare Parts
Filtration Products
Filtration Systems
Fluid Conditioning Products
Fuel Filtration
Fuel Filters
Fuel Filter Elements
Fuel Pump Filters
Fuel/Water Separators
Gear Oil Filtration
High Flow Flush Skids
Hydraulic Filtration
Hydraulic Filters
Hydraulic Filter Elements
Hydrocarbon Filter Assemblies
Lube Oil Filtration

Lubrication Oil Filters
Lubrication Oil Filter Elements
Oil Filtration
Off-line Filtration
Panel Filters
Pleated Media Elements
Portable Filter Carts
Process Filtration
Replacement Elements
Replacement Filters
Self-Cleaning Filters
Service Kits
Spin-On Filter Elements
Synthetic Media Filters
Transmission Filters
Transmission Filter Elements
Varnish Removal Systems
Water Removal Filters
and more …


Fuel Filtration

fuel-filtrationWith the ever-increasing demands of emissions control and fuel economy, fuel filtration products provide critical protection to the components of diesel engine fuel systems to achieve optimum performance and reliability.

Poorly performing fuel systems impact fuel economy, power output, and cost of ownership through increased maintenance, repairs, and downtime.

Fuel systems are affected by various forms of contamination such as particulates, water, paraffin wax, and asphaltene. It is critical for your fuel filtration system to remove harmful contaminants, thus improving reliability, service intervals, and fuel efficiencies, and reducing costs.

We offer two (2) types of fuel filters:
Fuel/Water Separators – Separate water from the fuel and remove large contaminants
Fuel Filters – Remove the smaller contaminant particles from the fuel

Separator Spares & Equipment makes it easy for customers to have access to the best products for any application. Contact us today for our fuel filtration and fuel filter spare parts.

Hydraulic Filtration
hydraulic-filtrationThe majority of hydraulic system component failures are caused by excess contamination in the hydraulic system.

Eliminating contaminants from the onset is preferable through effective maintenance processes. For hydraulic filtration, we offer a comprehensive range of replacement suction, return, pressure, and offline hydraulic filters to cover a variety of applications.

Separator Spares & Equipment makes it easy for customers to have access to the best products for any application. Contact us today for our hydraulic filtration and hydraulic filter spare parts.

Lube Filtration
lube-filtrationThe life-blood of any engine is lube oil. It helps reduce friction, cools down components, and carries debris wear material to the filters. The lube oil filter (lube filtration) prevents dirt, carbon, and metal particles from doing damage to the engine.  If contamination generated by engines isn’t removed, then abrasive particles will build up rapidly, which wears out moving parts within it over time – leading not only to decreased profitability but also an increased risk associated with other costly repairs.

The combustion process generates soot, which can form sludge in oil if not controlled through effective filtration. This highly abrasive material will cause dramatic wear to an engine and negatively impact profitability.

Separator Spares & Equipment makes it easy for customers to have access to the best products for any application. Contact us today for our lube oil filtration and oil filter spare parts.

Filter Better.
Contamination Control.
Improve Reliability.

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