Disc Stack Centrifuges


Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is an Authorized Distributor for high-speed disc stack separators manufactured by WSK. We supply a full line of solids-retaining centrifugal separators and recommended centrifuge spare parts. They are extremely efficient in removing fine solid particles and liquid contaminants from different kinds of mineral oils.

Each disc stack centrifuge is arranged as a purifier but all parts necessary to transform it into a clarifier are supplied. Separation takes place in a solid-walled bowl that can be arranged for either purification or clarification. In both cases, the contaminated oil is fed into the center of the bowl where it is separated by centrifugal force into various phases, the heaviest phase (the solids particles) is deposited at the periphery of the bowl. The accumulated sludge and/or solid particles are removed from the bowl regularly by hand. 

We offer disc stack centrifuges mounted on skids or portable skids.

What is a solid bowl centrifuge?

Alfa-Laval-MAB104-Bowl-AssemblyA solid bowl centrifuge is a style of centrifuge that is used in Maritime, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Industries for the separation of solids and liquids. In marine installations and power stations, the solid bowl centrifuge technology can be used for cost-effective solid-liquid separation in applications such as purification or clarification of mineral oil.

What is a disc stack centrifuge?

A disc stack centrifuge uses centrifugal force to separate liquids with a lower concentration of solids and relatively small particle sizes. In a rapidly rotating high speed centrifugal separator the gravity is replaced by centrifugal force, which can be thousands of times greater. Sedimentation and separation are continuous and very fast. When liquid and solid particles in a liquid mixture are subjected to the centrifugal force in a separator bowl, it takes only a few seconds to achieve what takes many hours in a tank under the influence of gravity.

What is a purifier centrifuge?

A Purifier is a centrifugal separator designed for liquid – liquid – solid separation. The objective of purification is separating two liquid phases (which may contain solids) with the main purpose of cleaning the light phase.

What is a clarifier centrifuge?

A Clarifier is a centrifugal separator designed for solid – liquid separation. The objective of clarification is separating solids from a liquid phase.

How do you achieve the best separation results?

In order to achieve optimum separation, it is important to:

  • Choose the correct gravity disc corresponding to the current density, viscosity, and flow rate. The largest gravity disc that does not cause a broken water seal is the correct one.
  • Operate at a constant flow rate.
  • Operate at a constant separation temperature.

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