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INNIO Waukesha Microspin Centrifuge



Waukesha Microspin Centrifuge

INNIO Waukesha offers two (2) different types of bypass filtration systems: the replacement cartridge type and the Waukesha Microspin centrifuge. Waukesha offers the Microspin system as a kit for all INNIO Waukesha engines. The Waukesha Microspin centrifuge filter is an oil pressure driven centrifuge bypass oil filtration system.


Microspin Oil Filtration

The Mircospin oil filtration centrifuge is designed to extend oil change intervals. Microspin bypass centrifuge filters are engine mounted. The engine’s oil pressure drives the bypass filter, which creates a spinning action from the internal turbine assembly developing a force that exceeds 2000 g-force (gravitational force). The MicroSpin centrifugal oil filter uses the centrifugal force of spinning oil to separate the impurities and force them to compact on the outer walls of the centrifuge filter bowl wall. The Microspin bypass filter utilizes the cleaning capabilities of a centrifuge. The bypass centrifuge will remove contamination as small as 0.5 micron.

The Microspin centrifuge, in conjunction with Waukesha supplied oil filtration components, will remove spent additives and other byproducts of combustion. This will allow for an increase in scheduled oil drains and increase oil filter element change intervals. It is recommended that oil analysis is used to determine when condemning limits are reached within the lubrication oil.


Microspin Cleanable Oil Filtering System

Waukesha-Microspin-bypass-filterINNIO Waukesha offers a cleanable Microspin lubrication oil filtration system. The Microspin oil filtration system consists of two (2) major components: a Waukesha Microspin centrifugal oil filter using a removable paper insert and cleanable oil filter elements. The Microspin system’s cleanable oil filter elements are installed in the existing engine oil filtration canisters. The cleanable oil filter elements remove particles as small as 25 microns. The Microspin centrifuge is installed as a bypass system, working in conjunction with the cleanable oil filter elements. The Mirospin cleanable oil filtering system is more environmentally friendly than systems that utilize disposable oil filter elements. Cleaning the oil filter elements eliminates the expense of replacement filter elements and the cost of hazardous waste disposal.

The Waukesha Microspin bypass filter is available in two sizes. The P/N 489189 is designed for all Waukesha “VEE” model VGF, all Waukesha VHPs, and Waukesha AT engines. The smaller Microspin centrifuge P/N 489300 for Waukesha VGF (Inline), Waukesha F817G, and Waukesha F1197G engines. The smaller Microspin bypass filter has all the same advantages; it is only in a smaller size for the smaller Waukesha engines. The Waukesha F1197G engine applications are for 1200 rpm and above only. The Waukesha F817G engine applications are for 900 rpm and above only. The Waukesha Microspin centrifuge P/N 214105 is designed for bottom drain applications. This centrifuge is utilized on the Waukesha L5774LT, Waukesha L5794GSI, Waukesha L5794LT, and Waukesha L7044GSI engines.

When servicing the Waukesha Microspin centrifuge, the maximum sludge build up on the centrifuge paper insert is 19.05 mm (0.75 in). Documenting the amount of contaminate buildup will help in establishing a cleaning interval. Under normal operating conditions, the Waukesha Mircospin centrifuge should be cleaned and its paper insert removed at every scheduled oil change or as experience dictates. The oil supply valve must be shut off before servicing the Waukesha Microspin centrifuge filter. It is recommended to allow two (2) minutes before proceeding with servicing the Microspin centrifuge filter to allow the centrifuge rotor to stop spinning and the oil pressure to drop to zero (0). 


Upgrade your Waukesha Microspin centrifuge with the IOW Group centrifuge filter!

IOW-Group-engine-mounted-centrifugeThe quality of oil filtration will directly affect the engine component life. Depending on the model of your Microspin centrifuge, the IOW Group bypass centrifuge filter is a drop-in replacement for Waukesha’s Microspin bypass centrifuge filter. The IOW Group centrifuge filter is a modernized design from the traditional bypass centrifugal filter, containing patent-protected features only available with an IOW Group centrifuge filter. Thanks to the improved design, there is no chance of cross-contamination between the dirty and cleaned oil. Ensuring all contaminants removed are contained within the centrifuge bowl and ready for disposal.

IOW Group Engine Mounted Centrifuge

The IOW Group engine mounted centrifuge is the market leader in separation efficiency and control. The IOW Group bypass filter is considered the most efficient and reliable form of bypass filtration. By efficiently removing more harmful contaminants from your lubrication oil than any other centrifuge filter in the world, these newly designed centrifuge filters can have a huge impact on the INNIO Waukesha engine lifespan, oil change intervals as well as many other long-term benefits within your organization. The patented IOW Group centrifuge filters are supplied with sludge monitoring systems (separator control units) as standard and unique bowl disc technology that is only available with an IOW Group engine mounted centrifuge.

Bowl Disc Technology 

The IOW centrifuge filter range is the smallest of its kind to utilize bowl disc technology. The central bowl disc stack provides a greater surface area for fast and finer separation. The bowl disc stack also assists in delivering the larger particulate to the outer centrifuge bowl wall and forces even the smallest particles out of the oil. The bowl disc inside a centrifuge filter increases the separation efficiency by removing even more contaminants. 

Remote Monitoring

IOW-Group-Centrifugal-Oil-FilterOne of the IOW centrifuge filter’s most innovative and revolutionary features is the choice of CentriClean remote monitoring units (SCUs). The external remote monitors allow operators to access data regarding the centrifuge filter; this is not available with any other product. It gives the ability to measure the centrifuge filter performance, set alarms based on various factors, and give insight into when service is required. The CentriClean SCU0003 model provides this data via the CentriClean App, meaning information is immediate and easily available. The CentriClean SCU0002 has data available immediately on the front screen. By providing this data, manhours spent on the centrifuge filter are reduced due to having access to this precious data.

Combining all these features makes the IOW centrifuge filter range 150% more efficient than any other available product. The IOW centrifuge filter can give you a competitive edge within your industry.

The increased benefits of the IOW Group engine mounted centrifuges are:
– Reduction in engine wear
– Reduction in the use of lubricating oil
– Saves manhours in cleaning
– Reduced waste disposal costs
– Simple to operate and maintain
– Extends service intervals
– Extends the life of primary filters
– Capital cost investment returned quickly
– Environmentally friendly
– Bolt-on/bolt-off for existing installations


Case Study: Dresser Waukesha 7042 GSI Engine Mounted Centrifuge

Dresser-Waukesha-7042GSI-centrifuge-filterA powerplant wanted to increase the retention of sludge so that oil and filter intervals could be extended, as well as reduce the ISO cleaning co, which will protect the engine from wear, increase engine reliability, and reduce downtime.

Microspin engine mounted centrifuge replaced with IOW Group centrifuge

The IOW MP200 centrifuge filter replaced the original Waukesha Microspin centrifuge. At the time of installation, the IOW MP200 centrifuge, with 4 bar oil pressure, rotates at 5244 rpm. The speed of the replaced Waukesha Microspin centrifuge is unknown as there is no way to measure the Mircospin’s centrifuge performance.

Before the 2000 run hours, an interval oil analysis sampling was completed to be able to compare the impacts of the IOW MP200 centrifuge filter. Initially, the IOW MP200 centrifuge filter removed 260g in 504 running hours and then ~1.5kg in 2000 running hours. The IOW MP200 centrifuge filter showed a small increase in viscosity (15.7cSt) compared to the original Mircospin centrifuge supplied with the Waukesha engine (17.3cSt). With improved dirt removal, the insoluble levels (soot) were controlled at 0.5%, which was a 17% improvement.


With the Waukesha Microspin centrifuge, the ISO oil cleanliness code was 19/19/16. By simply replacing the old technology of the Waukesha Microspin centrifuge with the new technology of the IOW Group centrifuge, the ISO oil cleanliness code improved to 17/16/14.

By removing more insoluble from the lubricating oil, the customer improved the viscosity and the oil condition, which improved engine efficiency and reduced engine wear. Clean lubricating oil maximizes the equipment’s lifespan. Per Noria’s Life Extension Table, reducing the ISO code by two (2) bands indicate a 60% increase in engine reliability


Cut your filter usage and increase your uptime! Improved Sustainability!

Whether your INNIO Waukesha engine is working in a landfill and wastewater treatment facility, data center, commercial or industrial building, oil and gas, power generation, or maritime application, there’s an opportunity to increase your uptime with IOW Group’s centrifuge filters. For most industries, downtime is the enemy. IOW Group engine mounted centrifuges will help you increase your equipment’s reliability and keep your operation on schedule. 

IOW Group is the new standard in bypass centrifuge filtration! The IOW bypass filters come standard with bowl disc technology and external monitoring for greater separation efficiency. The IOW bypass filter allows you to maximize performance, extend maintenance intervals, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for INNIO Waukesha engines. To learn more, visit our IOW Group engine mounted centrifuge webpage.


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