Fully-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is an Authorized Kelvion (formerly GEA Heat Exchangers, Inc. / PHE Division) Distributor.

Kelvion is a global manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers for different kind of markets. Since November 2015, the former subsidiaries of GEA Heat Exchangers have been operating as a stand-alone company under the name of Kelvion. With a new name and proven expertise, Kelvion has a unique competence, along with a large portfolio. Kelvion focuses on customer-specific products and services.

The Kelvion KºBloc is solidly bolted frame consisting of four columns, top and bottom heads as well as four side panels. These side panels can be detached swiftly and allow free access all the way around for the thorough and easy cleaning of the fully-welded plate package. Two different plate corrugations are available. Chevron corrugation enables effective heat transfer. In contrast, double dimple corrugation is the first choice for highly viscous or solid containing media as well as for vacuum applications.

Separator Spares & Equipment is your link to genuine replacement spares and/or equipment for Kelvion WPHE (formerly GEA PHE Systems).

Fully-Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

We provide plate heat exchanger parts and accessories for the following brands:

Kelvion fully-welded plate heat exchangers combine high heat transfer coefficients of a plate heat exchanger with the advantages of rugged welded design, they are the perfect partner for demanding applications with medium to large volume flows.

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