redFox Environmental Marine Sewage Treatment


Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is the Authorized Marine Distributor for redFox Environmental Services for the Gulf Coast region.

RedFox Marine Sewage Treatment units are US Coast Guard Approved according to 33CFR Part 159. They are also IMO type approved Sewage Treatment Plants according to IMO resolution MEPC.227(64). MEPC adopted MEPC 227(64). This ostensibly changes the discharge requirements and test protocols that are adopted by Resolution MEPC 159(55). Their specific aim is to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous from the treated water, which will prevent the acceleration of nitrification of the seas. 

redFox Standard Marine Series:

The redFox Environmental Marine Series Units are Bureau Veritas certified for IMO Resolution MEPC 227(64). The IMO Marine Environmental Protection Committee resolution applies to all sewage treatment systems installed on-board on or after January 1, 2016. The Marine Model is designed, manufactured and tested to meet or exceed MEPC 227(64) effluent standards.

redFox Standard Marine Sewage Units Features & Advantages:

  • The redFox Marine Series clarifier operates under a fluid head pressure allowing flocculation and settling solids in the clarification chamber to occur even when the vessel is in motion.

  • The clarifier chamber is totally enclosed and between 400 and 600 mm lower than the waterline in the aeration chamber. This ensures the water discharge quality is superior to all of our competitors. Our competitors utilize an open style clarifier and are susceptible to problems caused by vibration and rolling seas. Solids do not settle properly and will negatively affect the discharge water quality.

redFox Standard Marine Series:

  • Capacity: 100 to 15,000 GPD
  • Crew sizes from 2 to 750
  • USCG/IMO Certified Sewage Treatment Systems
  • Offered in standard configuration or customized to meet our customers specifications and space limitations
  • Low maintenance time and Operational Costs – Very few moving parts and requirements for maintenance. If maintenance or repairs become necessary, no special tools are required
  • Low power/utility consumption
  • No odor
  • Utilizes common household bleach for disinfection
  • Reasonably priced
  • Operates with fresh or saltwater.

Models and Specifications

redFox Models Persons / Black Water Only Persons / Black & Gray Water
RF-100-M 5 2
RF-200-M 10 4
RF-350-M 18 7
RF-500-M 25 10
RF-750-M 38 15
RF-1000-M 50 20
RF-1500-M 75 30
RF-2000-M 100 40
RF-2500-M 125 50
RF-3000-M 150 60
RF-3500-M 175 70
RF-4000-M 200 80
RF-4500-M 225 90
RF-5000-M 250 100
RF-5500-M 275 110
RF-6000-M 300 120
RF-7500-M 375 150
RF-9000-M 450 180
RF-12000-M 600 240
RF-15000-M 750 300

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