Fresh Water Makers

Separator Spares & Equipment offers a wide range of fresh watermakers from the world’s leading manufactures. We are your link to drinkable, marine fresh water. We offer the right capacity and systems for every installation. Whether your system preference is a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Desalination or Vacuum Distillation System, we provide a solution to meet your needs.

Cleaning and storage compounds help prolong the life of the watermaker and eliminate unnecessary buildup that can lead to extra maintenance. Contact us to order spare replacements.


Adverse Weather Applications
AG-Silver Ion Sterilizer
Chlorination Systems
Cleaning Systems
Commercial Media Filtration
DeNox Systems
Explosion Proofing
Feed Water Pumps
Fresh Water Filters

Fresh Water Flush
Media Filtration Systems
pH Adjustment Units
Pleated Prefilters
Prefilter Housing
Post Filtration

Post Treatment
Pressure Vessel Assemblies
Rehardening Filters
Remineralizer Systems
Silver Ion Sterilizers
UV Sterilizers
and more …

We are committed to keeping your watermakers operating and reliable.

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