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Mann Hummel Centrifuges

The Mann Hummel centrifugal oil cleaners are intended for filtering lubricating oils, gearboxes, hydraulic systems, and other industrial applications. The Mann Hummel centrifuges are pressure driven centrifuges (pressure powered centrifuges). The oil feed is achieved using normal engine oil pressure. If the engine oil pressure is insufficient, you can use an auxiliary pump to create a kidney loop system. The oil is pumped into the Mann Hummel centrifuge and directed into the hollow spindle, where the oil is pressed through a cross-hole into the centrifuge rotor. The pressure from the oil discharge through two nozzles at the bottom of the centrifuge rotor causes the rotor to rotate quickly. The centrifugal force causes the dirt particles in the oil to deposit on the internal rotor wall. The collected deposits form a thick, dense cake. The centrifugal force can remove an extensive range of solid particles extending into the submicron range.

Gravity allows the oil to return from the Mann Hummel centrifuge to the oil sump without pressure. The oil return must be above the oil level with a sufficiently large internal diameter pipe. 

To determine the correct centrifugal oil cleaner for an application, it is important to review the total oil sump volume and the lube oil system oil flow rate. The objective is to achieve the maximum number of sump passes per hour without exceeding the excess flow capacity of the engine sump. When installing a centrifugal oil cleaner, it is vital that the engine components are not starved of the oil required for lubrication. During installation, checks should be made to ensure the oil system can support the extra flow taken in bypass by the centrifuge.


How do centrifugal oil cleaners work?

how-bypass-centrifugal-oil-cleaners-workFull-flow filters are designed to process all of the oil used to lubricate the moving parts of an engine. However, the need to maintain a high flow and limit pressure drop across the filtration media restricts the ability of full-flow filters to remove fine contaminant particles. Therefore, full-flow filters act as a screen or barrier against the progress of large abrasive particles through the lubrication oil circuit, which may cause catastrophic failure.

Mann Hummel centrifugal oil cleaners (formerly Glacier Metal Company) operate in bypass and process approximately 10% of lube oil before returning it to the engine’s sump. A Mann Hummel centrifuge is not a barrier-type filtration device and does not rely upon filtration media to remove contaminant particles. Removal of contaminant particles is based on their relative density; therefore, contaminant removal is not limited to particle size.

The oil is pumped into the Mann Hummel centrifuge by the engine’s oil pump. The centrifuge rotor becomes full of pressurized oil that then exits the rotor through two (2) nozzles in the centrifuge rotor base. The spinning of the centrifuge rotor generates the centrifugal force within the rotor. As contaminant particles enter the centrifuge rotor, they are subjected to centrifugal force, causing them to migrate radially outwards to the centrifuge rotor wall.   


What are the advantages of centrifugal oil cleaners?

advantages-centrifugal-oil-cleanersCentrifugal oil cleaners improve oil cleanliness. Using centrifugal force, centrifugal oil cleaners remove solids such as particles, dirt, carbon, soot, sediments, and color from process liquids. The centrifugal force causes the dirt particles in the oil to deposit on the internal rotor wall. The centrifugal force can remove a large range of solid particles extending into the submicron range.

Higher centrifugal force = Better separation efficiency 

A centrifugal oil cleaner will reduce the rate of increase of combustion soot levels within the lubricating oil. Increased soot loading accelerates oil thickening and contributes to engine component wear. Controlling the soot levels will extend service intervals and increases engine durability. The rate of iron accumulation in the engine lube oil with a centrifugal oil cleaner is substantially lower than in an engine operating with just a standard full-flow filter, thus reducing the rate at which engine components wear out.

The benefits of a centrifugal oil cleaner are improved lubricating oil cleanliness, extended oil life, extended service intervals, reduced component wear, increased engine reliability, reduced engine downtime, extended life of the primary filters, lower maintenance costs, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Comparison: Mann Hummel Centrifuges vs. IOW Group Centrifugal Oil Cleaners

Mann-Hummel-centrifugal-oil-cleanerThe only similarities between the IOW Group and Mann Hummel centrifugal oil cleaners are the oil inlet thread sizes, the thread fixing holes, and the foundation mounting sizes. While the centrifugal oil cleaners may look similar, the IOW Group centrifugal oil cleaners technology inside is now patent-protected. Not only is the IOW Group centrifuge technology one of a kind, but the IOW centrifugal oil cleaners are 150% more efficient than Mann Hummel centrifugal oil cleaners or anything currently on the market. 

What are the differences between IOW Group and Mann Hummel centrifugal oil cleaners?

The IOW Group centrifugal oil cleaners have been tested and witnessed by Lloyds of London. During these tests, IOW Group proved their centrifuges could remove 35% more solids than the Mann Hummel centrifuges (in a three-hour test). Since then, the IOW Group centrifuge technology has been improved even further. Now, IOW Group centrifugal oil cleaners can remove (3) three times the amount of sludge over the same timeframe as similar centrifugal oil cleaners.

Bowl Disc

centrifugal-oil-cleaner-diagramThe IOW centrifugal oil cleaners are the only pressure-powered centrifuges to utilize bowl disc technology. This feature is usually associated with much larger centrifugal separators. The bowl discs significantly improve the efficiency of the IOW centrifuges and allow the collection of a much larger percentage of even the smallest particles. The bowl discs create a larger surface area by splitting the oil into many partial streams, which speeds up the separation process. No other on-engine centrifuge of the same size has this technology.

Fully Sealed Centrifuge Bowl

A fully sealed centrifuge bowl eliminates cross-contamination between cleaned and dirty oil. The IOW centrifuge bowl is designed to prevent leakage areas. By having a very proficiently sealed centrifuge bowl, the centrifuge bowl will rotate at a maximum centrifuge RPM because it utilizes 100% of the oil pressure and flow to drive the centrifuge rotations.

Distributor Impeller

A distributor impeller is not included in any competitor’s centrifugal oil cleaners. The distributor impeller effectively draws the dirty oil into the centrifuge bowl and distributes it directly to the centrifuge bowl wall, where the centrifugal forces are at their highest. The distributor impeller reduces the risk of back pressure causing cross-contamination. This adds to the centrifuge efficiency, speed, and flow of the oil through the IOW centrifuge.

Remote Monitoring

While Mann Hummel centrifuges remove contaminants and impurities, there are some common issues that you may encounter. Some of these include:
– Not knowing when the centrifuge rotor became clogged.
– Not knowing when the Mann Hummel centrifuge is not functioning correctly due to incorrect installation or configuration.
– If there is a loss of centrifuge RPMs (centrifugal force) due to wear or damage to key components, such as the rotor or bearings.

CentriClean-SCU-Remote-MonitorsThe IOW Group centrifuges are the only self-monitoring centrifugal oil cleaners available on the market. IOW Group’s CentriClean SCU Control Panel (SCU) is a remote monitoring device with many functions. This allows much greater control of the cleaning intervals, keeping the centrifuge running for a maximum time. The information that is displayed on the SCU includes both the centrifuge speed and the operating hours. The SCU will inform the operator when:
– The centrifuge is full and therefore needs cleaning.
– The centrifuge is not running as fast as it should.
– The pre-set operating/service hours have been reached.

The SCU works on a very simple principle when the sensor records a reduction in bowl speed, the control unit alarms. The bowl speed drops when the increased build-up of particulates restricts the oil flow inside the bowl, which gradually decreases the centrifuge speed and therefore causes the alarm to activate. The IOW Group offers two (2) different remote monitoring control panels:

CentriClean SCU-0002 Modbus Remote Monitor The CentriClean SCU 0002 remote monitor displays the centrifuge’s current RPMs and monitors the run hours. When the centrifuge speed falls to the alarm level or when the number of run hours is reached, whichever is sooner, it will show an alarm message on the SCU-0002 display. You can indicate the alarm remotely if connected via Modbus.

CentriClean SCU-0003 Bluetooth Remote Monitor – The CentriClean App connects and monitors the SCU-0003 control unit with all IOW centrifugal oil cleaners. CentriClean links to the Bluetooth-enabled SCU-0003 control unit, allowing users to connect to multiple IOW centrifugal oil cleaners. IOW Group has developed an app to give the operator greater functionality, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information on the Bluetooth-compatible SCU0003 remote monitor, please visit




Cleaner Oil, Better Performance: IOW Group is the next generation of centrifugal oil cleaners

Centrifugal-Oil-CleanersProduct development is at the core of IOW Group and is a key factor in securing the company’s strong position within the separation and filtration industry. IOW Group centrifugal oil cleaners are designed to have higher separation efficiency at removing contaminants such as dirt, metal shavings, and other debris that can damage your equipment’s moving parts. Keeping the lubrication system cleaner and free of these impurities can help prevent wear and tear, extend the life of the machinery, and reduce maintenance costs.

Here are just a few of the features that make IOW Group centrifugal oil cleaners stand out:

  • High-Quality Materials: IOW centrifuges are made from only the best materials, ensuring they are durable and long-lasting.
  • Innovative Design: IOW centrifuges are designed with the latest technology in mind. 
  • Comprehensive Testing: IOW Group performs rigorous testing on all its centrifuges to ensure they meet strict quality standards.
  • Customization Options: Understanding that every application is unique, IOW Group offers a variety of customization options to ensure they meet the customer’s specific needs.

How does an IOW Group Oil Cleaning Centrifuge work?


Case Studies: IOW Group vs. Mann Hummel Centrifugal Oil Cleaners


Caterpillar C280-12 engine

mann-hummel-FM200-12-centrifugeThese Caterpillar C280 diesel engines came from the factory with three (3) Mann Hummel FM200-12 centrifugal oil cleaners. Looking for increased engine reliability and improved contamination removal, the customer replaced the Mann Hummel FM200 centrifuges (Caterpillar 1W4191 centrifugal filter) with IOW MP200 centrifugal oil cleaners. At 70 PSI lube oil pressure, the IOW MP200 centrifuges are spinning at 6,354, 6,444, and 6,324 RPMs.

Upgrade your Mann Hummel centrifuge oil filter with the IOW Group centrifuges!

This maritime customer is using Mobil DelVac 1640 lubrication oil. With new lubrication oil and only after 506 hours (centrifuge run time), the IOW MP200 oil centrifuge bowls had approximately 1/2″ sludge cake collected in each centrifuge bowl. By upgrading the lube oil filtration system, this customer’s lube oil analysis reports better results with the IOW centrifuges than the Mann Hummel centrifugal oil cleaners.

The IOW Group has the BEST centrifugal oil cleaners for the separation of soot particles and harmful contaminants.  


MAN B&K 8L27/38 engine

This MAN B&K 8L27/38 engine had Mann+Hummel FM 600 centrifuge oil filter.  Looking to improve engine reliability, they replaced the Mann Hummel FM600 centrifuge with the IOW MP600 centrifugal oil cleaner. The IOW MP600 centrifuge installation was straightforward. Removed the old Mann+Hummel FM600 and replaced it with the IOW MP600 centrifuge. Both centrifuges have the same inlet and thread-fixing holes thread sizes. At 5 bar (72.5 PSI) lube oil pressure, the CentriClean SCU 0002 remote monitor displays 4,500 centrifuge RPMs.

MAN-8L2738-engine-oil-centrifugeResults: After 500 run hours, the IOW MP600 centrifugal oil cleaner removed 1,776 grams at a 3.52 grams/hour removal rate. In comparison, the Mann Hummel FM 600 centrifugal oil cleaner removed 1,040 grams at a 2.08 grams/hour removal rate. The IOW MP600 centrifuge outperformed the Mann+Hummel FM600 oil cleaning centrifuge by 41.44%. The IOW MP600 centrifuge filter has a higher particulate removal rate at every time recorded. The IOW centrifuge filters are superior at the separation of soot particles. The lack of external monitoring with the Mann+Hummel FM600 centrifuge made it impossible to measure the RPMs.

Look to Data to Boost Reliability!

Oil contamination from particulate matter accelerates the rate of component wear and can lead to premature component failure. Several oil samples were taken for analysis to illustrate the benefit of removing the Mann+Hummel centrifugal oil cleaner and replacing it with the IOW Group MP600 centrifuge. The results showed a massive reduction in wear elements and contaminants within the oil. Being able to remove more particle contamination from the lubrication oil than previously possible has extended the lifespan of the lube oil and has increased the engine’s reliability. As a result, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is substantially reduced.


MAN 6L23/30H engine

MAN-6L2330H-FM600-centrifugal-bypass-filterThis MAN 6L23/30H engine had previously installed a Mann+Hummel FM200 centrifuge. This customer was interested in upgrading their Mann Hummel centrifugal oil cleaners to take advantage of the increased oil cleanliness and contamination removal of the IOW centrifuges. The MAN 6L23/30 auxiliary engine burns distillate and heavy fuel oil (HFO). The lube oil capacity is 440-500 liters (116-132 gallons). The engine lube oil pressure is 4 bar (58 PSI). The Mann Hummel FM200 centrifugal oil cleaner was replaced with the IOW MP200 centrifuge. At 4 bar oil pressure, the IOW MP200 was spinning at 5,802 RPMs. This was displaced on the CentriClean SCU-0002 remote monitor. 

Results: The oil analysis reports show an 83% decrease in soot. Spectrometry analysis showed a significant decrease in the PPM: 98% decrease in copper, 82% decrease in iron, 33% decrease in aluminum, and 100% decrease in lead. The sludge cake thickness is 22 mm in 200 engine operating hours.

Significant improvements to oil cleanliness levels!


Need to remove fine contaminant particles? Not all centrifugal oil cleaners are created equal. The centrifugal oil cleaners manufactured by IOW Group is the only disc stack centrifuge filter on the market. To learn more, visit our IOW Group centrifugal oil cleaners webpage or the IOW Group centrifugal oil cleaners website.


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