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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is an Authorized IOW Group Distributor and Service Center. IOW Group is a leading manufacturer of separation, filtration, and fluid transfer products.

Centrifugal Oil Filter | Pressure Driven Centrifuge

IOW Group’s centrifugal oil separators utilize bowl discs technology. Unlike conventional oil cleaning centrifuges, their centrifuges use bowl discs to increase the efficiency of separation, dramatically reducing the time that contaminants can stay in the oil. This provides more separation surface area. Bowl disc dramatically speeds up the precipitation of the solids from the liquid.

IOW Group centrifugal oil separators have dirt/sludge monitoring technology, which informs the operator when the centrifuge needs servicing, saving valuable personnel time on otherwise unnecessary cleaning. The CentriClean remote monitor is Modbus or Bluetooth compatible and can be easily connected to your existing alarm systems.

The new standard for performance in oil separation! IOW centrifugal oil separators come standard with Bowl Disc Technology and External Monitoring for greater efficiency.The IOW pressure driven centrifuge allows you to maximize performance, extend maintenance intervals, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for engine systems and auxiliaries. 

IOW Pressure Driven Centrifuge Features

Bowl Disc Technology

All IOW pressure driven centrifuges have bowl discs which greatly improve the efficiency of our products. IOW centrifuges are unique in having bowl discs for these types of centrifuges – this feature is not available from any other manufacturer.


CentriClean Remote Monitor

Unlike any other centrifugal oil filter on the market, IOW MP centrifugal oil separators have a choice of CentriClean remote monitoring via Separator Control Units (SCUs) which can warn you or your system that they need servicing or cleaning. This helps you to avoid unnecessary maintenance and ensures the optimal operation of the centrifuge.

Eliminated Cross Contamination

IOW pressure driven centrifuges have been designed to eliminate cross-contamination between contaminated oil and cleaned oil, from the unique impeller drawing oil in at the base of the units to oil-sealed components. All ensure cleaned oil and dirty oil remain separate.


Models and Specifications

IOW Pressure Driven Centrifuge Models Sump Size
IOW MP090 Centrifugal Oil Separator 3.96 - 23.77 Gallons
IOW MP200 Centrifugal Oil Separator 10.56 - 44.90 Gallons
IOW MP400 Centrifugal Oil Separator 52.83 - 396.25 Gallons
IOW MP600 Centrifugal Oil Separator 52.83 - 396.25 Gallons
What is bowl discs technology?


Unlike conventional centrifugal spinners/centrifuges, the IOW Group pressure driven centrifuges use bowl discs to increase the efficiency of separation, dramatically reducing the time that contaminants can stay in the oil. The IOW range of centrifuges is the only product of their size to utilize bowl disc technology.

IOW MP range of pressure driven centrifuges are unique in having bowl discs for these types of centrifuges – this feature is not available from any other manufacturer. Bowl disc technology aids in separation and has many advantages. They are uniquely suited to removing small microparticles. Additionally, the bowl disc substantially increases the separation area inside the centrifuge bowl.

Advantages & Benefits:
– Minimizing operations and maintenance costs
– Increasing reliability and efficiency

IOW Group centrifugal separators clean lube oil using centrifugal force 2000 times greater than gravity. The IOW Group pressure-driven centrifuges remove contaminants that cause damage to engines, and they also greatly extend the life of lubricating oil in both engines and gearboxes. The IOW pressure-driven centrifuges are the highest performing and only self-monitoring bypass oil filtration spinner in the world.

Next Generation of Pressure Driven Centrifuges!

What is a pressure driven centrifuge?

A pressure driven centrifugal lube oil filter separates contaminated particles from engine oil to reduce engine wear. A pressure driven centrifuge uses centrifugal force to extract contaminants from the oil stream.

The lubricating oil will gradually be contaminated by small particles originating from the combustion during normal engine operations. We recommend installing a built-on centrifugal bypass filter as an additional filter to the built-on full-flow depth filter. The wear rates are reduced, and the engine’s lifetime is extended.

A bypass centrifugal filter is operated continuously when the engine is running or at a standstill (with an external pump). Bypass centrifuges are highly efficient for cleaning engine oil and industrial fluids.

What are the differences in CentriClean SCU remote monitor units?

Pressure-Driven-Centrifuge-Remote-MonitorCentriClean SCU 0002 Modbus Remote Monitor

The CentriClean SCU 0002 remote monitor displays the centrifuge’s current RPMs and monitors the run hours.  When the centrifuge speed falls to the alarm level or when the number of run hours is reached, whichever is sooner, it will show an alarm message on the SCU 0002 display.  You can indicate the alarm remotely if connected via Modbus.

CentriClean SCU 0003 Bluetooth Remote Monitor

The CentriClean App connects and monitors the SCU 0003 control unit with all IOW MP Centrifugal Oil Separators.  CentriClean links to the Bluetooth-enabled SCU 0003 control unit allowing users to connect to multiple IOW MP Centrifugal Oil Separators.

The IOW MP range of Centrifugal Oil Separator is unique. They are the only centrifuge of their sizes (090, 200, 400, and 600) that have external monitoring and when fitted with the Bluetooth® enabled SCU 0003 data can also be accessed remotely allowing for easy access to set alarm speed, check for servicing requirements, operational status and more.

What brand is the best of centrifugal oil filters?


Utilizing patent-protected filtration technology with remote monitoring systems, the IOW Group centrifuge filter is so efficient and powerful that just one of the IOW centrifuge filters is capable of taking over from almost three (3) Spinner II centrifuge filters! The IOW Group’s centrifuge filter is an excellent upgrade for your Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges.

Next Generation of Centrifugal Oil Spinner!

The highest-performing and only self-monitoring bypass oil filtration spinner type separators in the world! When adding a centrifugal oil filter to your engine, add the best on the market…the patented IOW Bypass Centrifugal Filter.

Better Technology:

  • Disc Stack Technology
  • Dirt/Sludge Monitoring Technology
  • Fully Sealed Centrifuge Bowl
  • Eliminating Back Pressure

Better Results:

  • 150% more efficient
  • Reduce Engine Wear
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Reduce Costs

Better Technology = Better Results!

The IOW centrifugal technology inside is 150% more efficient than any of our competitors and provides superior protection for engines and auxiliaries from harmful contaminants.  The IOW pressure driven centrifuge is designed to be fully interchangeable with current products on the market. If your looking to upgrade your Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges, the IOW Group centrifuge filter is the best solution.

Excellent and compatible option for replacing Mann+Hummel & Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges

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