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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC specializes in aftermarket spare parts for Alfa Laval Moatti Filters and accessories. Alfa Laval is a market leader in separators, heat exchangers, and fresh water generators.

Our spare parts for Alfa Laval oil filters are fully compatible with OEM parts and come complete with a 12-month warranty on all non-wear items. The Separator Spares & Equipment brand comes on every box; therefore, you can rest assured that our whole team is behind you every step of the way.

Our filter spare parts comply with the latest specifications and help prolong the lifecycle of your installation. On-going research and development ensures that you will always get the latest applicable parts and ensures reliability. Our supplied parts give you true cost-efficient peace of mind.

Alfa Laval Moatti Filter Spare Parts

The Alfa Laval Moatti Filter is designed for full-flow filtration of lubricating oils used in engines that burn all types of fuels. Installed as close to the engine as possible to prevent harmful particles, in the oil, from entering the engine. The additional benefits include the reduction of downtime, maintenance costs, oil change intervals, and disposal costs. The Moatti filter consists of the following parts: filter housing, filtering elements, filtering unit and distributor, and hydraulic motor.

The filtering unit is backflushed approximately once every second minute, but the backflushing is always made on at least one sector; therefore, the backflushing flow is continuous.

The Alfa Laval Eliminator is a combination of a full-flow and centrifugal system that incorporates a permanent stainless steel core that eliminates the need for disposable oil filters. It is a two-stage filter media system. The Eliminator uses oil pressure in the lubricating system to spin the centrifugal separator with no additional load on the engine.

The main difference between a filter and a centrifugal separator is that a filter separates the impurities according to their size, while a separator works with the density difference between the impurities and the oil.

Need spares for your Alfa Laval Moatti Filters?

Whether you are looking for Alfa Laval Moatti Filter alternative replacement parts (or genuine) and/or accessories, we are your best choice. We allow you to save money without losing quality. Let us help keep your Alfa Laval filtration performance and maintenance schedule on track.

Separator Spares & Equipment stocks and supplies a complete range of aftermarket spare parts for Alfa Laval Moatti filter; including diversion filter elements, full-flow filter elements, gaskets, gasket sets, indicators, strainers, distributors, hydraulic and electric motor drives.

Alfa Laval Moatti Lubricating Oil Filters Spare Parts

Alfa Laval Moatti Filters
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 120
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 140
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 150
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 152
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 180-8

Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 180-14
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 180-20
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 240-12
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 240-18
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 240-24
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 240-30
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 240-36
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter 280
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter FM150
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter FM152

Alfa Laval Moatti Filter FM180
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter FM280
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter T150
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter T152
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter T160
Alfa Laval Moatti Filter T280

Alfa Laval Moatti Filter Spare Parts

Axial Insert HB103
Ball Bearings
Coupling with bosses
Differential Pressure Indicators
Diversion Filter Elements
Diversion Heads
Electric Motor Drives

Filter Elements
Filter Inserts
Flat Gaskets
Full-Flow Filtering Elements
Gasket Sets
Hydraulic Motors
Insert Axial HB103

Sludge Collecting Paper Inserts
Solenoid Valves
Spare Kits
and more …

What are the main parts of Alfa Laval Moatti Filter?

The Alfa Laval Moatti Filter consists of the following:
– the filter housing
– the filtering unit and distributor (distributor for automatic backflushing filter only)
– the hydraulic motor (for automatic backflushing filter only)

The filter housing for the manual filter consists of one chamber, and the automatic filter can have one or two chambers. The first chamber, called the full-flow chamber, is where the cleaning of the oil occurs. The second chamber, called the diversion chamber, is where the impurities stopped by the full-flow chamber are collected.

The filtering unit consists of a filter disc stack, sleeve, and rods. The filtering unit contains filter elements placed on top of each other, creating a filter disc stack. The filter elements are divided into sections, and together in a filter disc stack, they form independent filtering columns.

The hydraulic motor is placed on top of the filter housing for automatic backflushing filters. For automatic filters, the filtering unit and distributor are placed in the filter housing. A small portion of the lubrication oil is directed to the hydraulic motor. The distributor is responsible for facilitating the backflushing of the filter elements. The distributor rotates continuously and will backflush every sector in the filtering element.

The filter system is designed to protect the engine from harmful particles. The entire lube-oil flow to the engine passes through the filtering unit, where the harmful particles are stopped.

Separator Spares & Equipment stocks and supplies a complete range of aftermarket Moatti filter spare parts; including diversion filter elements, full-flow filter elements, gaskets, gasket sets, indicators, strainers, distributors, hydraulic and electric motor drives. Get in touch with us!

Why use a centrifuge filter on the backflush flow of a Continuous Automatic Backflushing Filter?

Continuously Automatic Backflushing Lube Oil Filter

The centrifuge filter removes the extremely fine particles. Only the backflush flow enters the centrifuge filter, where the centrifuge filter collects the particulates before the oil returns to the sump. Removing very fine particles from the lube oil before returning to the sump increases engine protection and engine reliability. Fine particles act as abrasives to the engine’s moving parts. Removing these particles will help lengthen the engine’s life cycle, reduce the overall wear rate, and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

When adding a centrifuge filter to your engine or automatic backflushing filter, add the best on the market – the patented IOW Centrifugal Oil Filter. To learn more about the next generation of centrifuge filters, visit our IOW Group – Pressure Driven Centrifuge Filter webpage. Get in touch with us!

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