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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is the Authorized Kelvion (formerly GEA Heat Exchangers, Inc. / PHE Division) Maritime Distributor for all plate heat exchangers and plate heat exchanger replacement parts, for any maritime customer inside the United States, including all U.S. territories and possessions.

Kelvion is a global manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers for different kinds of markets. Since November 2015, the former subsidiaries of GEA Heat Exchangers have been operating as a stand-alone company under the name of Kelvion. With a new name and proven expertise, Kelvion has a unique competence, along with a large portfolio. Kelvion focuses on customer-specific products and services.

Separator Spares & Equipment is your link to genuine Kelvion & Kelvion Machine Cooling spares, accessories, and/or complete exchangers.

Kelvion Subsidiaries

  • Kelvion Inc. / PHE (formerly GEA Heat Exchangers, Inc. / PHE Division)
  • Kelvion Inc. / Thermal Solutions (formerly GEA Heat Exchangers, Inc / GEA Rainey Solutions)
  • Kelvion Ltd. / Refrigeration (formerly GEA Heat Exchangers Ltd. / GEA Searle Systems)
  • Kelvion Machine Cooling B.V. (formerly GEA Bloksma B.V.)
  • Kelvion Machine Cooling GmbH (formerly GEA Maschinenkühltechnik GmbH)
  • Kelvion Machine Cooling Sp. z o.o. (formerly GEA Polska Spółka z o.o.)
  • Kelvion Radiator GmbH (formerly GEA NEMA Wärmetauscher GmbH)
  • Kelvion Refrigeration GmbH (formerly GEA Küba GmbH)

History of Kelvion

1856 Eduard Ahlborn founds a farm equipment company in Hildesheim, south of Hannover, Germany

1930 Ahlborn Company develops first Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers for milk pasteurization

1979 GEA acquires the company, which becomes GEA Ahlborn

1995 GEA Ecoflex is spun off from GEA Ahlborn to focus on gasketed PHEs; GEA acquires TAU Energy Products, which becomes GEA Ecobraze for production of brazed PHEs

1998 GEA Ecoflex USA opens sales office in Louisville, Kentucky

2001 Introduction of industry-leading NT Series gasketed PHE

2004 WTT joins GEA, becomes GEA WTT, to focus on brazed PHE manufacture.

2005 FlatPlate & WTT America join GEA to provide USA manufacturing & sales support for brazed PHEs.

2007 GEA PHE Systems North America begins production in York, Pennsylvania of brazed PHEs and gasketed PHEs in the world’s most modern facility for PHE production.

2008 GEA acquires ViEX in Ontario, Canada, production for GEABloc

2012 First GEABloc welded in PHE manufactured in York, Pa facility received by customer

2013 GEA Group announced sell of one of six divisions, the Heat Exchanger (HX) segment

2014 Triton acquired all GEA Heat Exchangers (HX) shares

2015 GEA Heat Exchangers becomes Kelvion. The name Kelvion pays homage to Lord Kelvin (1824-1907). Lord Kelvin formulated the laws of thermodynamics and absolute units of temperature are stated in kelvin, in his honor.

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