Fresh Watermakers

Separator Spares & Equipment specializes in spare parts, equipment, and field service for reverse osmosis watermakers and freshwater generators (vacuum distillation).

Our spare parts comply with the latest specifications and prolong the lifecycle for your installation. On-going research and development ensures that you will always get the latest applicable parts and ensured reliability. Our supplied parts give you a true cost-efficient peace of mind.


Reverse Osmosis Watermakers:

Blue Water Desalination
Compass Water Solutions
Danfoss Sea Recovery
Horizon Reverse Osmosis
H20 Marine Watermakers
Parker Sea Recovery
Parker Village Marine
RWO Seawater Reverse Osmosis
Sea Recovery
SK Watermakers
Spectra Watermakers
US Watermaker
Village Marine


Vacuum Distillation:

What is reverse osmosis?
The osmotic process involves the natural movement of a solution through a semi-permeable membrane that only allows freshwater to flow through it. The membrane allows the passage of solvent, but not of solute. In reverse osmosis, high pressure is used to push the solution through a membrane, which traps the solute on one side, making pure solvent obtainable from the other side. The salts and other contaminants are eliminated with the flow of brine.
What is a freshwater generator?

Equipment used for conversion of seawater into freshwater by vacuum distillation based on evaporation and condensation. Seawater evaporates at a temperature of approximately 40°C due to the vacuum condition as it passes between the plates of the evaporator heated by hot freshwater from the engine jacket cooling system, or by steam. Generators can be equipped with disinfection units (Chlorination, UV-radiation, and Silver ionization), pH adjustment, and rehardening filters.

We are committed to keeping your watermakers operating and reliable.

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