Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generator Spare Parts


Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC specializes in aftermarket spare parts for Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generators and accessories. Alfa Laval is a market leader in separation and heat exchanger technology.

Our spares for fresh water generators are fully compatible with OEM parts and come complete with a 12-month warranty on all non-wear items. The Separator Spares & Equipment brand comes on every box; therefore, you can rest assured that our whole team is behind you every step of the way.

Our Alfa Laval fresh water generator spare parts comply with the latest specifications and help prolong the lifecycle of your installation. On-going research and development ensures that you will always get the latest applicable parts and ensures reliability. Our supplied parts give you true cost-efficient peace of mind.

Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generator Spare Parts

Whether you are looking for Alfa Laval Aqua Freshwater Generator or Alfa Laval Nirex Freshwater Generator replacement parts and/or accessories, we are a reliable solution. We allow you to save money without losing quality. Let us help you continue to produce fresh water and keep your maintenance schedule on track.

Separator Spares & Equipment stocks and supplies a complete range of aftermarket parts for Alfa Laval fresh water generators. We provide gaskets, plates, distillate/ejector pumps, impellers, shafts, wear rings, valves, salinometers, zinc anodes, and more for the following Alfa Laval fresh water generators.

Alfa Laval Freshwater Generator Spare Parts

Alfa Laval Aqua Series
Alfa Laval Aqua-65
Alfa Laval Aqua-80

Alfa Laval Aqua-100
Alfa Laval Aqua-125

Alfa Laval Aqua Blue Series
Alfa Laval Aqua Blue C80
Alfa Laval Aqua Blue C100
Alfa Laval Aqua Blue C125

Alfa Laval Aqua Blue S80
Alfa Laval Aqua Blue S100
Alfa Laval Aqua Blue S125

Alfa Laval Nirex Series
Alfa Laval Nirex JWP-16-C
Alfa Laval Nirex JWP-26-C
Alfa Laval Nirex JWP-36-C
Alfa Laval Nirex JWSP-26-C

Alfa Laval Nirex JWSP-36
Alfa Laval Nirex SP-26-C
Alfa Laval Nirex DPU multistage
Alfa Laval Nirex DTU multistage

Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generator Spare Parts

AG-Silver Ion Sterilizer
Alpacon Cleaners
Ball Valve
Brine Pipe
Brine/Air Ejector
Brine Extraction Pump
Brine Pump
Bypass Valve
Chemical Dosing
Condenser Plates
Discharge Valve
Distillate Pump
Drain Valve
Electric Motor
Ejector Pump
Evaporator Plates
Feed Water Pump

Frame Plate
Fresh Water Pump
Inlet Valve
Inlet and Outlet Valves
Heat Exchanger Plates
Heat Exchanger Gasket Set
Main Body
Metering Pump
Mesh Separator
Motor Starters
Outer Shell
Orifice Plate
Outlet Valves
Plate Pack
Pressure Gauge
Pressure Plate

Salinity Indicator
Scale Inhibitor
Sea Water Pump
Silver Ion Sterilizers
Single Plate Pack
Solenoid Controlled Dump Valve
Solenoid Valve
Spare Parts Kit
Spring Loaded Valve
Titanium Plates
Titanium Plate Pack
Vacuum Breaker Valve
Vacuum Gauge
Vacuum Valve
Water Pump
Water Valves
and more …

Need your Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generator Serviced or Repaired?


Separator Spares & Equipment provides a range of services for Alfa Laval fresh water generators. From preventive maintenance and troubleshooting to upgrades, we have you covered!

Regular maintenance of your Alfa Laval plate type fresh water generator will improve performance and water quality. Service kits from Separator Spares & Equipment will make it easier for your scheduled maintenance, saving you time and lower operating costs. We can supply complete replacement evaporator and condenser plate packs for quick turnarounds for Alfa Laval Dolphin 20, Alfa Laval DPU, Alfa Laval JWP-16, Alfa Laval JWP-26 fresh water generators.

We provide the following Alfa Laval freshwater generator services (and other brands):
– Evaporator Plate Cleaning and gasket replacement
– Condenser Plate Cleaning and gasket replacement
– Replacement Alfa Laval Gasket Set
– Replacement Alfa Laval JWP Titanium Plates
– Compete Alfa Laval JWP Titanium Plate Packs
– Maintenance of separator vessel
– Salinometer repair or replacing
– Valve repair or replacing
– Pump overhaul or replacing
– Freshwater Pump
– Seawater Pump
– Pipework

We supply replacement Alfa Laval Salinometer DS20 (984-22510-00 without casing or 984-22520-00 with casing (box)). You will not have to change anything when replacing the Alfa Laval DS20 salinometer with our spare parts. Our salinometer is fully interchangeable with the Alfa Laval DS20 salinometer and works with the same electrodes.

Separator Spares & Equipment is a reliable solution for your Alfa Laval Aqua Freshwater Generator needs.

Many ships, rigs, and remote onshore locations experience problems with the installed Alfa Laval freshwater generators. In most cases, the reason for these problems are natural scaling formation occurs, plugged tube heat exchangers, breakdown of internal coatings, corrosion of evaporator shell, and/or pinholes in piping and tubes. Common issues are insufficient capacity of existing fresh water generator, high cost for operation, maintenance, and/or repairs, increasing cost of good quality bunker water, and vert high salinity of produced water.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Alfa Laval plate type heat exchangers, don’t hesitate to reach out. Separator Spares & Equipment has years of experience servicing these devices and will be happy to provide helpful troubleshooting tips or even parts if necessary. To learn, visit our Alfa Laval Freshwater Generator Services blog page.

How does the Alfa Laval Nirex Fresh Water Generator work?

Alfa Laval Single Stage Freshwater Generators

The Alfa Laval Nirex freshwater generator uses a vacuum distillation process to convert seawater to high-quality freshwater.  The generator works by passing seawater between the hot plates in a lower heat exchanger.  A vacuum is created in the system, which causes the seawater to evaporate at about 40°C.  In the evaporator, seawater is heated until it evaporates, and the vapor is then condensed to create freshwater.  The generator also includes a brine/air ejector, which helps maintain the vacuum in the system.

Once the vapor has passed through a demister, any drops of seawater entrained are removed and allowed to fall down into your distiller chamber.

The vapor is then condensed to create clean freshwater as it passes between the cold plates in the condenser.

The plate type freshwater generator is easy to operate and requires little maintenance.  It is an excellent choice for any application that requires high quality freshwater.

Sections of Alfa Laval Single Stage Freshwater Generator:


  1. Sea Water Feed
  2. Heating Medium – In
  3. Heating Medium – Out
  4. Seawater Cooling Water – In
  5. Seawater Cooling Water – Out
  6. Fresh Water – Out
  7. Evaporated Steam
  8. Demister
  9. Condenser
  10. Evaporator
  11. Brine – Out

Separator Spares & Equipment offers a range of services for the Alfa Laval JWP-16, JWP-26, and JWP-36 freshwater generators.

What are the parts of Alfa Laval Aqua Freshwater Generator?

The parts of Alfa Laval Aqua Freshwater Generator consist of the following main components (and options):

– Alfa Laval Aqua Process Plate
– Alfa Laval Aqua Utility Plate
– Carrying Bar
– Condenser Cooling Water System
– Control Panel
– Distance Pipes
– Ejector / Feed Water Pump with Electric Motor
– Ejector / Feed Water System
– Erosion Resistant Titanium Plate Pack
– Freshwater Pump with Electric Motor
– Feed Water Treatment Equipment
– Frame Plate
– Freshwater System
– Hot Water System
– Plate Pack
– Pressure Plate
– Salinometer
– Steam Injection System
– Support Column
– Tightening Bolts

The greatest benefit of desalination is that it’s an economical and reliable solution. This innovative technology of the Alfa Laval fresh water generator produces high-quality fresh water with an optimized process that occurs in a single plate pack.

How much water can a fresh water generator produce?

For an Alfa Laval single stage freshwater generator, you will need 650-750 kcal (2.7-3.1 MJ) to produce one (1) liter freshwater.

For an Alfa Laval two-stage freshwater generator, you will need 350 kcal (1.5 MJ) to produce one (1) liter freshwater.

The waste heat from the main engine cooling system is often used to power thermal-driven freshwater generator installations. Typically, the freshwater generator is installed as a circuit line right after the engine in the engine jacket water cooling system. The capacity and heat consumption is regulated by throttling on the bypass valve.

However, other heat sources may be utilized as the main heat source or supplement heat source via steam boosting. Examples of supplemental heating sources are donkey boiler, steam from the exhaust gas, hot water from the boiler, bleed steam from turbines, or cooling water from auxiliary engines or charge air coolers.

Six reasons to upgrade an existing freshwater generator:

It would be best to consider replacing/upgrading your existing freshwater generator when it becomes impossible to repair, repair costs are too high, and maintenance costs are too high. Depending on your application, you should consider replacing your freshwater system if:

    1.  The old freshwater generator is worn out and continuously broken down.
    2.  You need to eliminate or reduce bunker water demands.
    3.  You are looking to increase the reliability of the water supply.
    4.  You need to increase the freshwater capacity range.
    5.  You need to improve the water quality to high quality freshwater.
    6.  By replacing your freshwater generator, you will have an increased additional service area and availability of spare parts.

The above are a few general reasons for replacing your existing freshwater generator.

We are committed to keeping your freshwater generators operating and reliable.

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