Danfoss Sea Recovery


Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC successfully completed Danfoss Sea Recovery’s Technical Service Training Program. Danfoss Sea Recovery is a manufacturer of small- to high-capacity reverse osmosis systems for seawater desalination used primarily in commercial and pleasure marine applications.

Since 1981, Sea Recovery Corporation has produced water desalination systems used in various applications for customers around the world. In 2012, Parker Hannifin acquired Sea Recovery from Danfoss A/S.

Danfoss Sea Recovery

Danfoss Sea Recovery’s high-capacity reverse osmosis water makers are designed and engineered to function as a complete working unit. The frequency of required maintenance depends on the regularity of usage, the condition of the intake water, the length of the time the system is exposed to water, the total running time, and the manner of operation. 

Every watermaker needs periodic maintenance, which includes changing filter elements, media filters, O-rings, replacement parts, flushing the system, and more. The best way to maintain your watermaker system is to make sure the filter elements are changed on time when they are polluted, flushing the system automatically after use, and cleaning is performed every time it is needed.

Separator Spares & Equipment has a full-time service department that can service your reverse osmosis equipment. We are committed to keeping your water maker operating.

Our spare parts comply with the latest specifications and prolong life cycle for your installation. On-going research and development ensure that you will always get the latest applicable parts and ensured reliability. Our supplied parts give you true cost-efficient peace of mind.

Need spare parts or services for your Danfoss Sea Recovery reverse osmosis systems?

Whether you are looking for spare parts, service, or a replacement reverse osmosis system, we are your best choice.



  • Commercial Marine
  • Offshore | Oil & Gas
  • Mega Yachts
  • Military
  • Land Base
  • Small to Large Sailboats
  • Small to Large Power Boats

Innovative Features:

  • Touch screen interfaces
  • Network capable controls
  • Automated Maintenance Functions
  • and more …

Models and Specifications

Need your Danfoss Sea Recover watermaker serviced or repaired?

Danfoss-SeaRecovery-Tasman-Sea-T2Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC offers a full range of marine and offshore reverse osmosis watermaker services. Our full-time service department is devoted to providing the best-in-class reverse osmosis watermaker service. From preventive maintenance and troubleshooting to upgrades, we have you covered!

Need your reverse osmosis water maker serviced?

Separator Spares & Equipment provides a range of services for Danfoss Sea Recovery watermakers. 

Request a quote! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a poorly functioning reverse osmosis watermaker. Separator Spares & Equipment has years of experience servicing these devices and will be happy to provide helpful troubleshooting tips or even parts if necessary. To learn more about our services, please visit our Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Service webpage.

Danfoss Sea Recovery
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