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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is an Authorized Blue Water Desalination Distributor. We are a Blue Water Desalination Trained and Authorized Service Center for their seawater desalination systems. We provide complete engineered systems, spare parts, consumables, and/or services for reverse osmosis fresh watermakers.

Blue Water Desalination

Blue Water Desalination offers several distinct lines of watermakers to suit the needs of most commercial vessels from workboats to tankers and expedition vessels. The following is our range of watermaker systems that can produce between 200 Gallons per Day and 3,400 Gallons per Day in commercial applications, and we can easily customize a system to efficiently fulfill the freshwater demands of your vessel or fleet.

Upgrade your current reverse osmosis water desalination systems today!

All systems are also available in modular, customizable component versions and we offer a full lineup of filters, remotes, fluids, and other accessories.

We are your link to drinkable, marine reverse osmosis freshwater. With Blue Water Desalination systems, we offer the right capacity and systems for every need.

Reverse Osmosis

Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic


Legend LX Series

  • Fully automatic watermaker
  • One-touch operation
  • Continuous monitoring to maximize product water production and quality through the 7″ full-color touch screen, which provides an intuitive interface between the user and the system
  • Capacities ranging from 2,100 – 3,400 GPD

Explorer LX Series

  • Semi-automatic watermaker
  • System is operated by traditional switches and a manually adjusted back pressure regulating valve
  • Electronic controller automatically diverts product water to the storage tank
  • LCD display indicates product water salinity and system status
  • Includes a Fresh Water Flush system as standard
  • Capacities ranging from 2,100 – 3,400 GPD

Legend LGD Series

  • Fully automatic watermaker
  • Features the latest in watermaker control technology with its industry-leading 7” full-color icon-driven touch screen controller
  • The main screen allows for one-touch start and stop functions while the proprietary software continuously monitors and adjusts the system to maximize water production and quality.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance are simplified by the wide array of data that is collected and accessible through the touch screen.
  • The system comes complete with a Fresh Water Flush system and a pH Filter.
  • All Legend series systems use the same pump and motor assemblies and are fully upgradeable.
  • Capacities ranging from 475 – 1,850 GPD

Explorer EXL Series

  • Semi-automatic watermaker
  • Traditional mechanical control system combined with constant electronic monitoring of key system functions.
  • System is operated by traditional switches and a manual high-pressure valve. 
  • Electronic controller automatically diverts product water to the storage tank 
  • LCD screen indicates product water salinity and system status
  • Includes a Fresh Water Flush system as standard
  • Capacities ranging from 475 – 1800 GPD


Models and Specifications



  • Fresh Water Flush system
  • High Rejection membranes
  • Quiet and reliable high-pressure pumps
  • Product water Carbon filter
  • Dual voltage 50/60 Hz motors
  • Stainless steel booster pump shaft
  • Designed for ease of service & maintenance
  • Installation kit including bronze sea strainer
  • When ordering with a system,
    • No charge upgrade to Commercial Pre-filter
    • No charge Oil/Water Separator assembly

Commercial System Features:

  • 316 stainless steel direct-drive high-pressure pump with long life seals
  • Open frame for ease of maintenance
  • IP 56 rated motors, touch screen, and touch pad
  • High and low-pressure switches
  • Commercial grade transducers
  • Manifold designed to reduce plumbing connections
  • Powder coated frames with vibration and shock isolators
  • Available in Single or Three Phase
  • Low voltage controls
  • Worldwide service
What is the reverse osmosis process?

Osmosis is the natural diffusion of two mixable solutions through a semipermeable membrane resulting in the equalization of concentration between the two solutions. The solution with a lower concentration diffuses through the semipermeable membrane and into the solution with a higher concentration.

osmosis process

Figure 1: Naturally Occurring Osmosis

For the purposes of desalinating water, the seawater is a high concentration solution and the potable water is low concentration. Therefore, seawater cannot naturally diffuse through a semipermeable membrane to create potable water.

To overcome this dilemma, the Blue Water Desalination (BWD) system utilizes high pressure to cause reverse osmosis.

High pressure forces the high concentration solution (seawater) through the semipermeable membrane (RO Membrane) resulting in increased low concentration solution (potable water).

Reverse Osmosis Process

Figure 2: Reverse Osmosis Process

What size watermaker do I need?

There are several factors that will help determine the proper size system for your vessel. These include your daily freshwater requirements, the size of your freshwater holding tank, the number of hours per day that you wish to run your system, and the size of your generator.

Blue Water Desalination systems are available in capacities ranging from 200 gallons per day (GPD) to 3,400 GPD. More importantly, this equates to between 8 gallons per hour (GPH) and 141 GPH since the systems are rated based on 24 hours per day of operation.

If your average daily requirement is 200 gallons per day and you wish to run your system for 5 hours each day, then you should target a system that produces approximately 40 GPH, which would equate to a system rated at 950 GPD.

If your requirements are 200 gallons per day and you want to run your system for 8 hours per day, you could utilize a system that produces 25 GPH or 600 GPD.

Be sure to check the system start amperage to ensure that your vessel’s generator can handle the electrical load.

What is a Fresh Water Flush?

The Fresh Water Flush (FWF) feature runs de-chlorinated fresh water through the system. The seawater in the system is displaced with fresh water so that the internal parts of the watermaker are not left in contact with seawater for long periods of time which helps reduce biological growth in the membranes and prevent corrosion of the internal metallic components.

The fresh water flush (FWF) process begins automatically when the system is shut down. It will continue to flush the system at regular intervals which can be programmed through the system controller. The FWF uses fresh water from the vessel’s tank which is run through an activated carbon filter to remove any chlorine before being pumped through the watermaker. All Blue Water Desalination systems come standard with an fresh water flush system.

Blue Water Desalination
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