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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC supplies hydraulic oil treatment systems. The skid-mounted hydraulic oil centrifuge systems are compact and easy to transport around any location, whether in a shipyard or an industrial plant. Disc stack centrifuges offer several advantages over filters for the cleaning of hydraulic oils.

Hydraulic Oil Centrifuge

Since most hydraulic system failures are due to water and fine particles in the oil, it makes sense to maintain the oil rather than the equipment. The expected machinery lifetime is directly connected to the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil. 

The consequences of poor hydraulic oil quality can lead to unplanned production stops, lower productivity, disposal/replacement of hydraulic oil, machine wear (shorter lifetime), and more. 

One of the main factors that can shorten the oil’s lifetime is causing corrosion of internal surfaces and extra wear due to poor lubrication. Additionally, the water in the system causes additives to oxidize and decompose. In maritime applications, water contamination in hydraulic systems comes from sources like leaking seals in the systems in contact with seawater and condensation.

Equipment failures are a direct result of fine particles in the hydraulic oil. The fine particles in the hydraulic oil can come from various sources, like depleted additives, paint flakes, dust, metals from normal component wear, and others. It is critical to remove these fine particles from the system to prevent costly downtime.

Hydraulic oil centrifuge systems drastically extend the life of the hydraulic oil and enable contaminated oil to be cleaned and recycled. They provide excellent and continuous performance, smooth and hassle-free operation, low maintenance costs, and prolonged equipment lifetime. The bottom line is different types of filter, coalescer, and separation technologies come with different Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Centrifugal separators provide the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Hydraulic Oil Treatment System

If the hydraulic oil is contaminated with water, you would use a purifier separator. A purification separator is a centrifugal separator designed for liquid-liquid-solid separation. The purifier will provide continuous water removal while solids accumulate on the centrifuge bowl wall.

If the hydraulic oil has no traces of water, you can use a clarifier separator. A clarification separator is a centrifugal separator for solids-liquid separation. The clarifier will separate the solids from the liquid with the solids accumulating on the centrifuge bowl wall.

Separator Spares & Equipment can help you remove the water and any particulates from your hydraulic oil. We can provide portable off-line solutions or fixed hydraulic oil treatment systems. Each unit can be specifically designed to meet each customer’s requirements. This includes material requirements, voltages, pipe-work design, types of connections, control panel and oil pre-heater.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide a solution for your hydraulic oil treatment needs.

Hydraulic Oil Treatment Systems

Self-Cleaning Purifier for Hydraulic Oil Cleaning
GEA Westfalia OSE Hydraulic Oil Separator Skid

This self-cleaning separator is designed for continuous, automatic, and efficient separation of water and sludge components from contaminated hydraulic oil. The GEA Westfalia hydraulic oil separator skids include a separator centrifuge, a heater, a feed pump, valves, and a control panel.

To learn more, visit our GEA Westfalia Separator Industrial Fluids webpage.


Manual Cleaning Purifier for Hydraulic Oil Cleaning
Alfa Laval MAB 104 Hydraulic Oil Separator Skid

This solids-retaining separator is designed to separate water and particles from hydraulic oils. The hydraulic oil separator skid includes a separator centrifuge, a heater, a feed pump, valves, and a control panel.


Manual Cleaning Clarifier for Hydraulic Oil Cleaning
IOW MP600 Centrifugal Oil Separator

The IOW Group MP centrifugal oil separator is designed as a clarifier. It will separate the particles from the hydraulic oil. To learn more, visit our IOW Group Centrifugal Oil Separator webpage.


Hydraulic Oil Centrifuge Solutions

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