Kelvion Machine Cooling Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers


Kelvion Machine Cooling B.V. (formerly GEA Bloksma B.V.) has signed a Distributor Agreement with Separator Spares & Equipment. Separator Spares & Equipment is the Authorized Kelvion Machine Cooling (GEA Bloksma) Distribution Center, for their products, in the United States.

Kelvion Machine Cooling has more than 90 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of industrial heat exchangers for oil, water, and air purposes. Kelvion has a well-known name in the tubular heat exchanging market and has worldwide customers in the industry and marine markets.

Kelvion Machine Cooling has built up a respected name in the field of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for oil, water, and air purposes for a variety of applications such as diesel engines, gearboxes, hydraulics booster modules, separator modules, turbines, transformers and compressors.

Separator Spares & Equipment is your link to genuine Kelvion & Kelvion Machine Cooling spares, accessories, and/or complete exchangers.

Bloksma Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers


Bloksma Box Cooler K-Type
Bloksma Compact Cooler (P-type/Kemmerling)
 – Bloksma Double Tube Cooler (DT-type)
 – Bloksma Plain Tube Oil Cooler (PT-type)
 – Bloksma Plate Fin Oil Cooler PF-Type
 – Bloksma Plate Finned Refrigeration (PFR-type)
 – Bloksma Safety Cooler (PD-type)


Bloksma Custom Built (N-type)
 – Bloksma Oil Cooler (NF-type)
Bloksma FlowBox
Bloksma Oil-Water Heater (V-type)

Enhanced Design & Performance

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