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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is the National Maritime Authorized GEA Heat Exchangers, Inc. (GEA PHE Division) Distributor for all plate heat exchangers and gasketed plate heat exchanger replacement parts, for any maritime customer inside the United States, including all U.S. territories and possessions.

GEA Plate Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

Our central objective is to keep your GEA gasketed plate heat exchanger equipment up and running. The trouble-free operation of your plate heat exchanger demands the use of high-quality and perfectly fitted spare parts.

We allow you to save money without losing quality and efficiency. Let us help keep your GEA gasketed plate heat exchanger performance and heat exchanger maintenance schedule on track.

Do you have a poorly functioning GEA gasket plate heat exchanger?

Replace damaged gaskets and plates with confidence. Our wide range of spares for GEA plate heat exchangers ensures an efficient solution for your application. Eliminate costly downtime and achieve optimal performance with our gasketed plate and frame spare parts. 

Need spare parts for your GEA gasketed plate heat exchangers?

Separator Spares & Equipment is your link to genuine GEA plate heat exchanger spare parts, including replacement gaskets, spare plates, complete plate packs, and complete gasketed plate heat exchanger units.

GEA EcoFlex Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates

GEA EcoFlex Concitherm

Concitherm heat exchanger is an efficient plate heat exchanger used as evaporator. Optimized plate design enables wide flow gaps with few contact points, even with 3 m² plates per laser-welded cassette. Low pressure losses, in the heat exchanger, avoid an intermediate pump, which reduces installation and operational costs. In comparison to conventional tube evaporators, GEA EcoFlex Concitherm offers an almost 100% higher heat transfer rate. Concitherm plate evaporators can serve as boosters to conventional evaporators as well as stand-alone applications within the sugar, food and, chemical industries.

GEA EcoFlex Concitherm CT 187

GEA EcoFlex Concitherm CT 193

GEA EcoFlex Free Flow

The GEA Free Flow heat exchanger systems are suitable for products containing solids, crystals, fibers and pulp, as well as highly viscous media. A coarse-waved corrugation, especially developed for these medias, means that the plates are not susceptible to soiling. Wide flow channels with no contact points prevent blockages. For special applications, both wide and narrow flow gaps can be combined in a GEA EcoFlex Free Flow gasketed plate heat exchanger system.

GEA EcoFlex Free Flow FA 157
GEA EcoFlex Free Flow FA 159
GEA EcoFlex Free Flow FA 161

GEA EcoFlex Free Flow FA 184
GEA EcoFlex Free Flow FA 192

GEA EcoFlex Free Flow N 40
GEA EcoFlex Free Flow NF 100

GEA EcoFlex Free Flow NF 350
GEA EcoFlex Free Flow NW 350

GEA EcoFlex GG Series

The GEA EcoFlex GG Series heat exchanger is free from non-ferrous metals for heating drinking water. This series elegantly combines the numerous advantages of our gasketed and brazed plate heat exchangers. A special gasket, combined with stainless steel plates and a revolutionary frame design, form the basis for a low-cost, food-safe heat exchanger.

GEA EcoFlex GG 240H

GEA EcoFlex GG 500H

GEA EcoFlex Laser-Welded Cassettes (LWC) Series
Critical media limit the usage of plate heat exchangers fitted with conventional gaskets. GEA Ecoflex can offer a technological alternative: the LWC plate heat exchanger made of laser welded cassettes. These cassettes are fitted with gaskets only in the flow opening area. The special gaskets are resistant to most aggressive media. The successful OptiWave design of the NT Series is also used for LWC and guarantees efficient heat transfer.

GEA EcoFlex LWC 100T
GEA EcoFlex LWC 100M
GEA EcoFlex LWC 100X

GEA EcoFlex LWC 150S
GEA EcoFlex LWC 150L

GEA EcoFlex LWC 250S
GEA EcoFlex LWC 250L

GEA EcoFlex LWC 350S
GEA EcoFlex LWC 350M

GEA EcoFlex NA Series
The GEA EcoFlex NA Series gasketed plate heat exchanger is independently certified as part of the AHRI400 program, by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). Independent certification provides peace of mind. The NA series performs well for a broad range of flows and temperatures in HVAC applications.

GEA EcoFlex NA 02T
GEA EcoFlex NA 02M
GEA EcoFlex NA 02X
GEA EcoFlex NA 04T

GEA EcoFlex NA 04M
GEA EcoFlex NA 04X
GEA EcoFlex NA 06S
GEA EcoFlex NA 06L

GEA EcoFlex NA 10S
GEA EcoFlex NA 10M
GEA EcoFlex NA 10L

GEA EcoFlex NA 14S
GEA EcoFlex NA 14M
GEA EcoFlex NA 14L

GEA EcoFlex NC Series
The GEA EcoFlex NC Series gasketed plate heat exchanger is independently certified as part of the AHRI400 certification program, by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). This product uses clean, low viscosity media in high pressure HVAC applications, and where close approach temperature (1°F) is desired.

GEA EcoFlex NC 04X
GEA EcoFlex NC 06X

GEA EcoFlex NC 10L

GEA EcoFlex NT Series

The GEA EcoFlex NT Series (stands for New Technology) sets new economic standards with low investment, operation, and maintenance costs. The GEA NT gasket plate heat exchanger design is cutting edge technology for all applications. The optimised OptiWave plate design requires less heat transfer surface for the same performance. The new EcoLoc gaskets and installation methods simplify maintenance and ensure a perfect fit of the gasket and plate packs. A wide range of possible sizes and shapes optimises a design to suit the exact operating requirements. By using special materials, the GEA EcoFlex NT Series gasketed plate heat exchangers can be adapted for special process needs.

GEA EcoFlex NT 25M
GEA EcoFlex NT 50M
GEA EcoFlex NT 50T
GEA EcoFlex NT 50X
GEA EcoFlex NT 80M
GEA EcoFlex NT 100M

GEA EcoFlex NT 100T
GEA EcoFlex NT 100X
GEA EcoFlex NT 150L
GEA EcoFlex NT 150S
GEA EcoFlex NT 150X
GEA EcoFlex NT 250L

GEA EcoFlex NT 250M
GEA EcoFlex NT 250S
GEA EcoFlex NT 350
GEA EcoFlex NT 350L
GEA EcoFlex NT 350M

GEA EcoFlex NT 350S
GEA EcoFlex NT 350T
GEA EcoFlex NT 500M
GEA EcoFlex NT 500T
GEA EcoFlex NT 500X

GEA EcoFlex NX Series

The GEA EcoFlex NX series heat exchanger represents the latest step forward for clean, low viscosity media, in elevated pressure applications. It delivers temperatures down to 1°F, with fewer plates and a single pass design. It is used primarily in HVAC applications and performs well in other applications, with the same conditions: HVAC, Chemical, Power, Sugar, Renewable Energy, Food.

GEA EcoFlex NX 100X
GEA EcoFlex NX 150L

GEA EcoFlex NX 150X
GEA EcoFlex NX 250L

GEA EcoFlex Varitherm VT Series

Many different plate types of the GEA EcoFlex Varitherm series enable an optimization of almost every process application, where fiber-free liquids loaded with small particles are involved. GEA EcoFlex Varitherm heat exchanger has also established itself as a highly efficient condenser throughout the world. As with all gasketed plate heat exchangers from GEA Ecoflex, the Varitherm VT keeps the investment and maintenance costs low. It can be supplied in various combinations of materials and sizes.

GEA EcoFlex VT 4
GEA EcoFlex VT 04P
GEA EcoFlex VT 10
GEA EcoFlex VT 10FK
GEA EcoFlex VT 10K Safety
GEA EcoFlex VT 20
GEA EcoFlex VT 20L
GEA EcoFlex VT 20 P L
GEA EcoFlex VT 20K Safety

GEA EcoFlex VT 40
GEA EcoFlex VT 40L
GEA EcoFlex VT 40P L
GEA EcoFlex VT 40P K
GEA EcoFlex VT 40M L
GEA EcoFlex VT 40K Safety
GEA EcoFlex VT 80
GEA EcoFlex VT 80L
GEA EcoFlex VT 80P L

GEA EcoFlex VT 80K
GEA EcoFlex VT 80M L
GEA EcoFlex VT 130B
GEA EcoFlex VT 159
GEA EcoFlex VT 161
GEA EcoFlex VT 130
GEA EcoFlex VT 180
GEA EcoFlex VT 250
GEA EcoFlex VT 402

GEA EcoFlex VT 405
GEA EcoFlex VT 805
GEA EcoFlex VT 1306B
GEA EcoFlex VT 1309B
GEA EcoFlex VT 2508
GEA EcoFlex VT 2508B
GEA EcoFlex VT 2508K
GEA EcoFlex VT 2508F K

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