GEA Fully-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers


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Kelvion is a global manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers for different kind of markets. Since November 2015, the former subsidiaries of GEA Heat Exchangers have been operating as a stand-alone company under the name of Kelvion. With a new name and proven expertise, Kelvion has a unique competence, along with a large portfolio. Kelvion focuses on customer-specific products and services.

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GEA EcoWeld Fully-Welded Heat Exchangers

GEA GEABloc Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers
The GEA GEABloc is a fully-welded plate heat exchanger. These heat exchangers are a reaction tailored to answer the call for increased servicing, in welded plate heat exchangers. By having access from both sides, it offers ease of cleaning and maintenance. GEABloc is a convincing solution offering compact design, low weight, low investment costs, and high flexibility for applications in the processing industry. This heat exchanger is suited for high pressure ranges and high operating temperatures required in the production of chemical and petrochemical products. GEABloc can be supplied in a wide range of designs.





GEA GEAFlex Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers
The GEA GEAFlex is a fully-welded plate heat exchanger. That is perfectly suitable for gaseous, liquid, and two-phase media in the chemical, petrochemical, and sugar industries. It can be used as cooler, heater, condenser, or evaporator. The asymmetrical plate design and the innovative tube and ripple corrugation ensure heat transfer with maximum efficiency, while keeping pressure losses low. Extreme temperatures and a high pressure range, depending on the chosen construction and material, can be taken with this system.

Freely selectable, pressure-bearing housings and connecting lines enable configurations of GEAFlex plate heat exchangers, with the highest installed heating surface area. The two solutions, EVAPplus and Rekudenser, are designed as specific GEAFlex systems offering complete systems fulfilling customer’s requirements.

GEA GEAFlex FT201-4
GEA GEAFlex FT201-5
GEA GEAFlex FT201-6
GEA GEAFlex FT401-4
GEA GEAFlex FT401-5
GEA GEAFlex FT401-6
GEA GEAFlex FT401-7
GEA GEAFlex FT601-5
GEA GEAFlex FT601-6
GEA GEAFlex FT601-7
GEA GEAFlex FT601-8
GEA GEAFlex FT601-9
GEA GEAFlex FT801-6
GEA GEAFlex FT801-7

GEA GEAFlex FT801-9
GEA GEAFlex FT801-10
GEA GEAFlex FT801-11
GEA GEAFlex FT1001-7
GEA GEAFlex FT1001-9
GEA GEAFlex FT1001-10
GEA GEAFlex FT1001-12
GEA GEAFlex FT1201-7
GEA GEAFlex FT1201-9
GEA GEAFlex FT1201-10
GEA GEAFlex FT1201-11
GEA GEAFlex FT1201-12
GEA GEAFlex FT202-4

GEA GEAFlex FT202-5
GEA GEAFlex FT202-6
GEA GEAFlex FT402-4
GEA GEAFlex FT402-5
GEA GEAFlex FT402-6
GEA GEAFlex FT402-7
GEA GEAFlex FT602-5
GEA GEAFlex FT602-6
GEA GEAFlex FT602-7
GEA GEAFlex FT602-8
GEA GEAFlex FT602-9
GEA GEAFlex FT802-6
GEA GEAFlex FT802-7

GEA GEAFlex FT802-9
GEA GEAFlex FT802-10
GEA GEAFlex FT802-11
GEA GEAFlex FT1002-7
GEA GEAFlex FT1002-9
GEA GEAFlex FT1002-10
GEA GEAFlex FT1002-11
GEA GEAFlex FT1002-12
GEA GEAFlex FT1202-7
GEA GEAFlex FT1202-9
GEA GEAFlex FT1202-10
GEA GEAFlex FT1202-11

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