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Recovered Energy | BOSS Oily Water Separator


Houma, LA – October 14, 2011 – Recovered Energy announces that Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC has been appointed as an Authorized Service Center for support of the BOSS Bilge Oil Water Separators.

Recovered Energy | BOSS Bilge Oil Water Separator Authorized Service Center


Recovered Energy | BOSS Oily Water Separator Service Center

Separator Spares & Equipment has a full-time service department that can service your oily water separator needs. We are committed to keeping your current bilge oily water separators environmentally compliant with USCG and IMO requirements. We can provide scheduled maintenance services to assist the operator in important maintenance functions.

The BOSS oily water separators are designed and certified to remove oils, grease, and other hydrocarbons from water in accordance with IMO standards as defined in MEPC 107 (49). Additional features are available to meet specific situations or to help improve the performance of the system to exceed MEPC standards. Water quality is monitored with a certified oil content monitor. The BOSS system, if operated properly, will meet and exceed all the requirements of MEPC 107 (49).

With our experience in bilge oily water separators, Separator Spares & Equipment can provide the following services:
– Recovered Energy factory-trained service technicians
– Repair and service your BOSS oily water separators
– Recalibrate and service your oil content monitors
– Train personnel in your particular oily water separator
– Genuine Recovered Energy spare parts
– Replacement oil content monitors
– New IMO MEPC 107(49) certified oily water separators

Recovered Energy’s BOSS Oily Water Separators have the following approvals:
– US Coast Guard Certified
– IMO – International Maritime Organization Certified
– ABS Certification
– Bureau Veritas Type Approval
– China Classification Society Type Approval
– Marine Equipment Directive Approval
– Other Certifications: CE Mark and ATEX Directive

Need your BOSS Oily Water Separator Serviced?

We provide Authorized Service Technicians and genuine spare parts for the following Recovered Energy Oily Water Separators:

BOSS 2 BOSS 2.2T/107
BOSS 2T BOSS 2.2T/107 YM
BOSS 5 BOSS 2.2T/107 YO
BOSS 10 BOSS 11T/107
BOSS 10T BOSS 25T/107
BOSS 25 BOSS 45T/107
BOSS 25T Platform Rig BOSS
BOSS 45T Stand Alone Monitor


Separator Spares & Equipment is dedicated to providing solutions for these needs. We are committed to keeping your current oily water separator environmentally compliant with USCG and IMO requirements. We provide equipment, consumables, spare parts, and/or services for coalescing filter OWS, centrifugal OWS, and oily content monitors.

To learn more, visit our Oily Water Separator Services & Solutions webpage.


About Recovered Energy, Inc

Recovered Energy, Inc., based in Pocatello, Idaho, was formed in 2002 as a manufacturer of oily water separators for the Marine Industry under the BOSS brand. Over the years, Recovered Energy has grown to be one of the Top Three suppliers of oily water separators in the world for the Marine and Offshore Industries. Recovered Energy provides a full range of oily water separators for the Marine and Offshore Industries, fully certified according to MEPC 107(49) with a wide range of options to fit any need.


About Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC

Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC specializes in high-speed disc stack centrifuge spare parts, units, and services in the Marine, Oil & Gas, Power, Industrial, and Biofuels Industries. Locally owned and operated in Houma, Louisiana since 2004, Separator Spares & Equipment is one of the largest stocking and truly independent suppliers in the Americas of genuine and aftermarket spare parts for high-speed separators. Separator Spares & Equipment stocks over 20,000 spare parts and equipment in a climate-controlled warehouse. This allows the company to provide its customers with the largest selection of separator spare parts in the industry. Inventory continues to grow as new items are added to meet customer demands.


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