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Separator Design

The MiniBOSS oily water separator is a USCG 107(49) certified alternative to a full-blown oily water separator. In this unit, we make no attempt to separate the oil, but simply adsorb it in a series of filters. The key is in the filters. The first filter is a 2.5” x 20” sediment filter. These are inexpensive and available everywhere. In reality, a lot of oil is removed by this sediment filter along with the solids. This sediment filter is followed by two BOSS Extreme filter cartridges. These are 4” x 20” (big blue sized) cartridges that have been tested and proven for years. These cartridges are the key to the performance of the Mini BOSS and are the only approved cartridges that satisfy the 107(49) regulation. The BOSS Extreme Cartridges do a great job of removing all of the oil right up until they reach their capacity.

The MiniBOSS oily water separator is designed for low volume (1 GPM (0.25 m3/hr)) applications as an affordable solution to the bilge water disposal problem. The Mini BOSS comes with a 107(49) certified oil content monitor. This is the same monitor that other separators use and has all of the features include tracking 18 months’ worth of data. Also included are a process pump and a 3-way diversion valve just like a full-blown separator. It simply mounts on a wall and takes up very little space. This is perfect for a smaller vessel that needs certification but has a low volume.

Features & Advantages:


Low Capital Cost


Simple to Install and Operate


Low Maintenance


Small Footprint (Wall Mounted)


IMO Certified Oil Content Monitor


Flow Rate: 0.25 m3/hr (1 gpm)


Electric Diaphragm Pump at 50 psi


Fine Solids & Oil Removal by Simple Filtration

How does the miniBOSS Oily Water Separator work?
MiniBOSS-Process-Description-IdentificationThe MiniBOSS draws in bilge water using the diaphragm pump (#1) through the system inlet (#11). The pump is fitted with a #20 mesh screen to help prevent damage to the pump. The pump then pushes the bilge water to the first of three cartridges. The first cartridge (#9) is a 5-micron sediment cartridge, the second (#8) and third (#7) are oil removal cartridges. The pre-sediment pressure gauge (#10) and the post-polisher pressure gauge (#6) will aid you in determining when it is time to change the sediment (#9) cartridge. Once the bilge water has passed through the polishing cartridges the Oil Content Monitor (#3) takes a continuous sample and will determine if the oil content is above or below the 15ppm limit.

If it is greater than 15ppm the Recycle valve (#4) will open and return the rejected water to the bilge. If the sample is less than 15ppm the discharge valve (#5) will open and discharge it overboard.

The polishing cartridges will hold about 10oz of oil each. The sediment cartridge will also aid in the removal of oil droplets that are greater than 5 microns in size. The amount of oil in your bilge will ultimately determine how long each cartridge will last. You will most likely change out the sediment cartridge more frequently than the polishing cartridges. The polishing cartridges are both replaced at the same time when the Oil Content monitor will no longer reach less than 15ppm.

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