Deckma OMD Oil Monitor

Deckma Oil Water Monitors & Calibration Services

Separator Spares & Equipment provides calibration service, new, and/or replacement bilge alarm monitors.

The OMD Bilge Alarm Monitor is designed by Deckma Hamburg GmbH. Deckma Hamburg is a well-established company, supplying oil-in-water monitors and systems to the marine and industrial markets since the early 1970s.

Calibrations for these monitors cannot be carried out on-board or on-site. We provide the required periodic calibration services for the Deckma OMD-11, Deckma OMD-21, Deckma OMD-24, Deckma OMD-2005, and Deckma OMD-2008 Oil Content Meters.

Models and Specifications

Please contact us for your IMO required calibration service.

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