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RivertraceSeparator Spares & Equipment, LLC has completed Rivertrace’s Smart ODME and SMART Bilge training. We are trained in the operation, faultfinding, commissioning, installation, and maintenance of Rivertrace SMART Bilge and Rivertrace Smart ODME monitors.

We are a Rivertrace Smart Bilge & Smart ODME Service Center.

In 2016, Rivetrace restructured and rebranded Rivertrace Engineering Limited (RTE) to Rivertrace Limited. With over 30,000 monitors and systems installed worldwide, Rivertrace is the market leader in Oil-in-Water quality monitoring equipment and systems that exceed legislative requirements for marine, offshore, and industrial markets. Rivertrace tailor-makes systems according to our customer’s individual environmental monitoring requirements, including oily water discharges, EGCS wash water, boiler condensate, produced water, and slop water discharge.


Rivertrace SMART Bilge Alarm


Rivertrace Smart Bilge 15PPM OCM MEPC 107 (49)

In 2005, the SMART BILGE 15ppm Oil Content Monitor was developed to meet and exceed the requirements for MEPC.107(49) regulations. The SMART BILGE is made up of two (2) key components, (1) the SMART BILGE ‘Module’ and (2) the SMART ‘CELL’ measuring cell. The SMART CELL utilizes a unique Detector Array Technology developed by Rivertrace, allowing the oil content monitor to analyze all three oil types (HFO, Diesel, and Emulsions) simultaneously without the need for re-calibration. This innovative design allows for simple routine maintenance of the oil content monitor while maintaining optimal conditions.

Rivertrace Smart Bilge replaces the Rivertrace OCD CM.

Optical cell fouling is recognized as a leading cause of monitor malfunction or incorrect reading. A manual cell cleaning device is included as a standard to enable routine maintenance easily. Replacement calibrated measuring cells can be purchased for easy change over on board the vessel, and calibration check kits enable the crew to demonstrate the monitor is within factory calibration to PSC Surveyors.

The Rivertrace SMART Bilge is utilized in the following applications: MEPC.107(49) Bilge Water Discharge, Oily Water Separator, Deck Drains Discharge, and Rig Slop Tank Discharge.

Rivertrace SMART Bilge is designed with the following flexible solutions:
5PPM Alarm – The Smart Cell Bilge Alarm is readily available as a 5ppm version if required.
Autoclean – our pneumatic auto-clean solution has been designed to ensure the measuring cell glass tube is kept free from fouling. Cell fouling is recognized as a leading cause of monitor malfunction. Fitting the auto-clean removed the need for the ship’s crew to remember to clean the cell manually.
Flow Switch – The flow switch option has been designed to ensure that bilge water is flowing through the measuring cell when in monitoring mode. An error is shown on the display if there is no flow. The flow switch monitors the flow of water through the cell. This ensures that the flow cannot be shut off accidentally or maliciously. In case of no flow, the Smart Bilge will close the overboard discharge valve.
Hazardous Environments (Zone 1 & 2) – The SMART BILGE can be offered in an explosion-proof cabinet
RT CONNECTED – MEPC.107(49) OWS Discharge data can be captured and shared digitally to the cloud, which can then be integrated into electronic ORBs.
– All options can be ordered from new or retrofitted to existing Rivertrace Smart Bilge monitors.

What is bilge water?

Due to the natural shape and layout of a ship, along with gravity, any spillage, machinery leakage, etc., in an engine room or machinery space onboard a vessel will mean that the lowest point within that space will accumulate wastewater (bilgewater). This bilge water is predominantly water, but due to its proximity to machinery, there is a high chance of oil contamination.

What can the crew do with bilge water?

It is legal for vessels to discharge bilge water back into the ocean, providing that certain parameters are met. Uncontrolled levels of oil discharged into the sea can dramatically impact the environment. Oil cannot dissolve in water and leaves a thick sludge which can endanger marine life and the surrounding environment.

Generally, every ship over 400 gross tons will have an approved OWS installed on the discharge pipe between the bilge and overboard. The bilge water is pumped through the OWS, where oil will be removed before passing overboard.

To ensure that the oily water separator is performing correctly and that a very limited quantity of oil is in the bilgewater (within MEPC.107(49) guidelines), an Oil Content Meter (OCM) is installed to measure the oil content of the bilgewater at the separator outlet. This is where the Rivertrace Smart Bilge Oil Content Meter (OCM) is installed. The Smart Bilge will continuously monitor the bilge water being discharged and automatically divert all water back to the bilge tank if the oil content rises above the pre-set alarm point by controlling an “Automatic Stopping device” (3-way Valve). The standard oil content limit for a legal discharge is 15 PPM (Parts Per Million) according to the MEPC.107(49) guidelines. To put this quantity of oil into context, this is 15mL of oil in 1000 liters of water. 

When ordering spares, it is important to supply details of the type of monitor, serial number of monitor, part numbers of each spare required, its description, and any other relevant information. To learn more, visit our Rivertrace SMART Bilge oil content monitor webpage.


Rivertrace Smart ODME


Rivertrace Smart ODME Computer Module

The Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (Smart ODME) has been designed to provide means of monitoring, recording, and controlling the ballast discharge for crude oil, product, and chemical tankers, including ICE class vessels. The system is modular in construction and does not require the usual pump/motor bulkhead penetration as used on older systems. The Smart ODME includes all components required to meet MEPC 108(49) and the latest MEPC 240(65) for Bio Fuels, effective January 1, 2016.

The Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment has been designed to provide means of monitoring, recording, and controlling the ballast discharge for tankers.

The Smart ODME incorporates a ‘simulation mode’ to aid system demonstration to PSC surveyors and is designed for ease of retrofitting, operation, installation, and maintenance. Discharge limits are set at 30 liters of oil per nautical mile or 1/30,000 of the previous cargo for slop and wash water discharges. The SMART ODME has been Biofuel Approved in accordance with MEPC.240(65). The Rivertrace Smart ODME is utilized in the following applications: Slop Water Discharge, Tank Wash Water Discharge, and Clean Ballast Water Discharge.

Rivertrace Smart ODME Key Features:
– The system has been designed for easy installation at the yard with only one flow meter and one sample point.
– Minimal bulkhead penetration with motor and pump in one location.
– Paddle wheel flow sensor making for simple installation and maintenance
– Onboard Calibration Check Kits available for functional testing
– Fleet Deals – Frame Agreements & Exchange Schemes


About Rivertrace Engineering LTD 

RivertraceRivertrace Engineering Limited is an ISO9001 Quality Assured Company and market leader with over 30 years of experience in oil water monitoring. The OCD1 & OCD2 were superseded in 1994 by the OCD1M and OCD2M, which in turn were replaced by the OCD CM in 2000 with the introduction of IMO resolution MEPC.60(33). In 2004, the Rivertrace Smart Bilge monitor was designed and launched to comply with the new IMO resolution MEPC.107(49) applicable from January 1, 2005. Today, Rivertrace is at the forefront of designing new systems that not only meet but go beyond legislative requirements.

When ordering spares from Separator Spares & Equipment, it is important to supply details of the type of monitor, serial number of monitor, part numbers of each spare required, its description, and any other relevant information. To learn more about the Rivertrace SMART Bilge, visit our Rivertrace SMART Bilge oil content monitor webpage or


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