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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is an approved verification center, in accordance with the recommended operating instructions from Rivertrace Engineering Ltd. We are trained in the installation, verification, operation, faultfinding, commissioning, and maintenance of Rivertrace Smart Bilge & OCD CM Bilge Monitors.  We can provide a Verification Certificate, on-site and/or in-shop, for your Rivertrace Smart Bilge and OCD CM Bilge Monitors.

Separator Spares & Equipment supplies oily water treatment systems, manufactured by Compass Water Solutions, which include ULTRA-SEP, HELI-SEP, and Sarex VG-SEP. These oily water separators utilize the Rivertrace Smart Cell Bilge Alarm. When ordering spares, it is important to supply details of the type of monitor, serial number of monitor, part numbers of each spare required, its description, and any other relevant information.

Rivertrace Smart Cell 15 PPM Oily Content Monitor

The Rivertrace “Smart Cell” oil content monitor meets the requirements of MEPC 107(49) for monitoring three oil types: HFO, Diesel, and Emulsions. By utilizing the “Smart Cell” Detector Array Technology, technology developed by Rivertrace, the OCM analyzes all three oil types simultaneously, without the need for re-calibration. A manual cell clean device is included as a standard, to easily enable routine maintenance. Optical cell fouling is recognized as a leading cause of monitor malfunction or incorrect reading. By simple operation, of the manual clean device, the Smart-Cell remains in optimum operating condition.

The Rivertrace SMART CELL – BILGE Monitor has been designed specifically for use in conjunction with 15ppm oily-water separator units. It has a specification and performance which meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organization specifications for Bilge Alarm Units contained in Resolution MEPC 107 (49). Analysis of the oily water sample is undertaken by a unique detector array arrangement. A narrow beam of light is emitted across a glass cell tube through which the oily water sample passes through. Light scattered and transmitted is detected across the array and passed through a complex oil content calculation algorithm. The resulting oil content is then displayed on the LCD screen.

To meet the new requirements of MEPC 107(49) an onboard flash memory, Real-time clock, dual switch input, and clean water/sample selection valve are fitted.

Models and Specifications

The Smart Cell Bilge Alarm has been designed specifically for use in conjunction with 15ppm oily-water separator units. 

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