Kelvion Fully-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers


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Kelvion is a global manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers for different kinds of markets. Since November 2015, the former subsidiaries of GEA Heat Exchangers have been operating as a stand-alone company under the name of Kelvion. With a new name and proven expertise, Kelvion has a unique competence, along with a large portfolio. Kelvion focuses on customer-specific products and services.

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Kelvion Fully-Welded Heat Exchangers

Kelvion KºBloc Fully-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

The Kelvion KºBloc is a fully welded plate heat exchanger that is used above all in the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry as well as in the petrochemical sector. The solidly bolted frame consists of four columns, top, and bottom heads as well as four side panels. These side panels can be detached swiftly and allow free access all the way around for the thorough and easy cleaning of the fully-welded plate package. Two different plate corrugations are available. Chevron corrugation enables effective heat transfer. In contrast, double dimple corrugation is the first choice for highly viscous or solid-containing media as well as for vacuum applications.

Kelvion K°Bloc BT20
Kelvion K°Bloc BT30

Kelvion K°Bloc BT40
Kelvion K°Bloc BT50

Kelvion K°Bloc BT75

Kelvion K°Bloc BT120

Kelvion KºFlex Fully-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

The Kelvion K°Flex plate heat exchangers are the perfect solution for gaseous, liquid, and two-phase media in the chemical, petrochemical, and power industry. Both the temperature range of -200° to 550° C and the pressure capacity of up to 100 bar make this heat exchanger the logical choice for problem-free operation.

The asymmetrical plates of K°Flex Plate Heat Exchangers form flow gaps shaped like tubes and waves. High flow rates with minimum pressure drops can be handled on the tube side. The wave side stands for high turbulence with outstanding heat transfer coefficients. Heat transfer with maximum efficiency and low-pressure loss. The K°Flex heat exchanger design is based on standardized plate modules and housings with freely selectable connection lines. Standard sizes of 2,500 m² and tailormade solutions up to 12,000 m² can be manufactured. K°Flex delivers low investment costs because the compact design only needs a relatively small amount of material expenditure.

Kelvion K°Flex DS1
Kelvion K°Flex DS2

Kelvion K°Flex DS3
Kelvion K°Flex DS4

Kelvion K°Flex DS5
Kelvion K°Flex DS6

Kelvion K°Flex DS7

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