Authorized Blue Water Desalination Dealer & Service Center

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Authorized Blue Water Desalination Dealer & Service Center

Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is an Authorized Blue Water Desalination Dealer. We are a Blue Water Desalination Trained and Authorized Service Center for their seawater desalination systems. We provide complete engineered systems, spare parts, consumables, and/or services for reverse osmosis fresh watermakers.

Blue Water Desalination offers several distinct lines of watermakers to suit the needs of most commercial vessels, from workboats to tankers and expedition vessels. The watermaker systems can produce between 200 Gallons per Day and 3,400 Gallons per Day in commercial applications, and we can easily customize a system to efficiently fulfill the freshwater demands of your vessel or fleet.

With a choice of semi-automatic or fully automatic operation, a wide range of capacities, and the availability of modular and compact setups with three-phase motors, Blue Water Desalination systems are an excellent choice for commercial applications. Blue Water rises above the competition in features, ease of use, and ingenuity. They continually work to improve and add to their product lines. All systems are also available in modular, customizable component versions, and we offer a full lineup of filters, remotes, fluids, and other accessories.


Bluewater Desalination Explorer LX

The NEW EXPLORER LX series offers semi-automatic operation in a wide range of capacities to fit the needs of most large yachts and commercial vessels. The system is operated by traditional switches and a manually adjusted back pressure regulating valve and an LCD display indicates product water salinity and system status. The Explorer LX is available in capacities ranging from 2,100 gallons per day up to 3,400 gallons per day. The Explorer LX series includes a Fresh Water Flush system as standard.

What size watermaker do I need?

Several factors will help determine the proper size system for your vessel. These include your daily freshwater requirements, the size of your freshwater holding tank, the number of hours per day that you wish to run your system, and the size of your generator. If your average daily requirement is 200 gallons per day and you wish to run your system for 5 hours each day, then you should target a system that produces approximately 40 GPH, which would equate to a system rated at 950 GPD. If your requirements are 200 gallons per day and you want to run your system for 8 hours per day, you could utilize a system that produces 25 GPH or 600 GPD.

If one of our current systems does not meet the freshwater demands of your commercial vessel, we would love to discuss a customized watermaker solution with you.

We offer a variety of replacement parts for several of the components on our watermaker systems from filters and membranes to valves and seals for our pumps. In addition to supplying spares and consumables for Blue Water Desalination systems, we can provide a wide array of pumps, pump parts, membranes, filters, and chemicals compatible with Sea Recovery, Horizon Reverse Osmosis (HRO), and other major brands.

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About Blue Water Desalination

At Blue Water Desalination, they realize that a product is only as good as the customer and technical support that stands behind it. That is why everyone at Blue Water Desalination has a steadfast commitment to providing world-class customer experiences to complement our range of cutting-edge watermakers that fit the needs of the most discerning marine owners and operators. The leadership team at Blue Water Desalination has more than 80 years of marine desalination experience.

About Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC

Based in Houma, Louisiana, Separator Spares & Equipment’s Marine Division is a leading supplier of complete separation and heat transfer packages. The woman-owned company has grown from a spare parts provider to a thriving, reliable, global supplier of spare parts and equipment. Separator Spares & Equipment’s knowledgeable staff has over 50 years combined experience within the Maritime Industry.


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