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GEA Westfalia Marine Separator


Machine Application

The GEA Westfalia OSF marine separator is GEA’s newest self-cleaning separator covering all capacities up to 80 m3/h for oil and water treatment. The centrifugal separators from GEA specialize in the purification of fuel and lube oil as well as bilge water treatment and sludge removal in marine applications. With their high g-force, the separators reliably guarantee high performance and economic operation of ship engines, and boost their service life even under extreme conditions.

Separator Design

Incorporating an integrated direct drive, the new GEA OSF marine separator is a revolutionary solution that offers more performance per square meter of footprint, an extremely simple service concept and smart connectivity.

Unlike conventional separators that rely on inefficient conventional motors, clutches, and belts, new GEA OSF marine separator features an integrated direct drive. This provides ship owners with numerous advantages.

Integrated direct drive at the heart of your system.

The key factors of GEA OSF marine separator that helps improve safety onboard are:

  • ✓ 50% Smaller Separator Footprint
  • ✓ 30% Overall Smaller Compact Unit Footprint
  • ✓ 16,000 Hour Useful Life of Drive
  •           X Other units have service intervals starting at 8,000 hours
  • ✓ Service is as easy as removing the used unit and replacing with a new unit
  •           X Other units must be disassembled part by part
  •           X Any time a hand is on equipment an injury can happen
  •           X Most mariners complete this task as overtime
  •           X Incorrect service creates many problems during the life of the separator
  • ✓ One point of access for maintenance
  •           X A belt or gear driven unit must have multiple lifting points above the unit
  • ✓ Increased Energy Efficiency (on average above 5% from belt units)
  • ✓ At least 96% Energy Efficient with Direct Drive
  • ✓ Less Spare Parts
  •           X No Clutches
  •           X No Gears
  •           X No Bearings
  • ✓ IO Control Panel; more efficient and more user friendly

Proven Standards Onboard:

  • Hot separation add-on – the solution for high cat fine levels
  • GEA unitrolplus – our automatic oil monitoring and control system
  • GEA hydrostop – controlled de-sludging


  • Smaller footprint (50% smaller footprint)
  • Less energy (up to 30,000 kWh in energy savings)
  • New benchmark in efficiency (96% more effective)

Benefits of GEA OSF marine separator:

  • Run 16,000 hrs instead of 8.000 hrs
  • Easy exchangeable drive system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Save on your energy bill
  • Small footprint and 360° accessibility
  • Ready for smart connectivity and big data
  • Adaptable to the latest fuel technologies
  • Best certified flow rate in the marine market
  • Hot separation add-on

GEA OSF Marine Separator

Next Generation Separation

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