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Separator Spares and Equipment, LLC is an Authorized Distributor for GEA Mechanical Equipment US, Inc. (GEA Westfalia Separator Division) for the Gulf Coast region. We provide complete GEA Westfalia Separator packages, spare parts, engineering support, and service.

Separators from GEA Westfalia Separators are the right choice for treating liquids or liquid mixtures with a low solids content. Centrifugal separation technology with separators nowadays performs critical functions in solid-liquid separation and solid-liquid-liquid separation. Applications range from the recycling of metalworking lubricants or industrial wash liquids to treating oil-based fluids such as lube, hydraulic, or waste oils.

GEA Westfalia separators are designed especially for liquid-based applications. They use centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids. They are equally as effective at separating liquid mixtures simultaneously as removing solids.

Separator Designs:

  • Manual Cleaning (Solid-Wall) separators for clarifying and separating liquids with a low solids content. Solids are removed manually.
  • Self-Cleaning Disk Separators for clarification and separation processes. Solids ejection takes place automatically in the form of partial or
    total ejections.

GEA Westfalia Separators for industrial fluids have been designed to separate cooling lubricants, washing liquids, oil-water mixtures, lube oil, fuel oil, waste oil, etc. The separator of the enclosed design is equipped with an oil-level sight glass and driven by a 3-phase AC motor. Power is transferred to the bowl spindle via a flat belt. Depending on the GEA Westfalia Separator, the hood of the separator might be hinged, and all bearings are splash-lubricated from a central oil bath.

Most metalworking operations utilize a coolant to remove the heat generated in the process. Fluid coolants are widely used since they lubricate the contact surface between tool and workpiece, inhibit corrosion, and wash away swarf fines from the work area.  They are prolonging the life of the tools and improving the quality of work. By extending the useful lifetime of working fluids, you reduce consumption and maintenance costs. By keeping them constantly purified, you also reduce wear on machines and tooling.

Separator Spares & Equipment can help you choose the most economical systems for your industrial fluids application.

For the treatment of fluids in Industrial Applications, the GEA Westfalia Separators are designed for the separation of:


Diesel Oil


Hydraulic Oil


Lube Oil


Metalworking Coolant Emulsions


Oily Water


Rolling, Cutting, & Grinding Oil


Washing Liquids


Waste Oil & Oily Waste Water


Neat Oil Coolants

The primary contaminants in neat oils are solid particles, water, and other oils. The solids include metallic and other fines originating from tools, carbon, and oxidation products resulting from repeated heating. Neat oil coolants must be either clarified or purified.


Tramp Oil Separation

Circulating water-based coolants tend to pick up traces of hydraulic, lubricating, and other oils. The presence of this oil is undesirable because it tends to hold very fine particles in suspension and carry them back to the work area. It impairs the coolant properties of the working fluid. It encourages the growth of bacteria that precipitate iron and also gives rise to unpleasant odors. 

What are benefits of cleaning lubricants with separators?

Separators from GEA Westfalia increase the service life of operating materials, reduce unplanned machine downtimes, promote hygienic production conditions and often pay off in less than one year.


Cooling lubricants need to be rid of impurities and tramp oils on a regular basis. The sooner and more reliably this happens, the more assuredly machine downtimes and unhygienic production conditions can be avoided. GEA makes safe and problem-free cleaning possible in the bypass to the circulation system. Disk separators are integrated into the production and ensure smooth operational procedures thanks to early partial flow cleaning. This extends the service life of the cooling lubricants used four or fivefold. This is just one of the reasons for the very short amortization period.

Benefits of using Disk Separators

  • Less machine downtime
  • Longer service life of the machines
  • Improved surface quality
  • Less scrap
  • Improved working conditions thanks to the minimization of health risks (e.g., skin irritation or respiratory ailments)
  • Continuous production / Fewer bath changes

Tramp oils shorten tool life considerably. Separators reduce the tramp oil fraction to less than 1 % and extend the service life of the tools by a factor of up to 5.

How does GEA Westfalia provide a cost reduction in industrial fluids treatment?
  • Service life extensions of the liquids save procurement and disposal costs
  • Efficient production process thanks to shorter set-up times
  • Longer service life of the machines, tools, and bearings
  • Greater availability of the tools, machines, and bearings increase the productivity of the manufacturing processes
  • Less scrap in the production thanks to improved surfaces and lubrication properties

GEA Westfalia Separator
Industrial Fluids Treatment
Increasing Performance & Reducing Costs

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