Announcing an Authorized Distributor Agreement with GEA Westfalia Separator Division

GEA Westfalia Separator Distributor


Houma, LA – April 30, 2012 – Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is announcing an authorized distributor agreement with GEA Mechanical Equipment US, Inc. (GEA Westfalia Separator Division) for the Gulf Coast region. Effective immediately, Separator Spares & Equipment will be providing GEA Westfalia high-speed separator equipment, spare parts, and support throughout the Gulf Coast region. This strategic alliance will provide GEA Westfalia Separator’s customers with a local representative on the Gulf Coast. “We are extremely excited about working with GEA Westfalia Separator. This agreement gives us a solid partner in providing solutions for our customer’s centrifugal separator needs,” said Ryan Picou, Chief Operating Officer. “This agreement will complement our current equipment, spare parts, and services we have been providing over the years.”


GEA Westfalia Separator Marine Products

GEA Westfalia separators operate continuously in respect of the discharge of the liquid phases. In respect of solids discharge, GEA Westfalia separators either discontinuously (e.g., discontinuous disc-type centrifuges which must be stopped so that the collected solids can be removed by hand), semi-continuously (self-desludging disc type centrifuges = self-cleaning separators), or fully continuously (nozzle-type separators).

GEA Westfalia separators are available with different types of drives: gear drive, belt drive, direct drive, and integrated direct drive. The latter is the next genuine stage in the evolution of the separator construction process and works without a motor shaft, gear, belts, coupling, and motor bearing. The smaller number of installed components not only reduces the energy losses – but also reduces the maintenance costs, thus enhancing the availability of the machine. The space requirement of the integrated direct drive is approximately one-third lower than is the case with equivalent gear or flat belt machines.

GEA Westfalia separators with integrated direct drive can also be used in a very flexible manner. The bowl speed is infinitely variable within a specific range without a change in transmission ratio. In addition, the maintenance process itself has been very much simplified. For instance, it is possible for the spindle to be taken out of the bearing housing only by loosening the bolts. The innovative design of the integrated direct drive also enables the motor to be replaced completely with the drive within only a few hours when maintenance work has to be carried out – this is the time that is very valuable and can be used productively elsewhere.

The centrifugal separators from GEA Westfalia Separator specialize in the purification of fuel and lube oil as well as bilge water treatment and sludge removal in marine applications. With their high g-force, the separators reliably guarantee high performance and economic operation of ship engines and boost their service life even under extreme conditions. The proven technology and robust construction make GEA Westfalia Separators particularly reliable and durable. The IMO-certified E-type separators, which are designed for unmonitored continuous operation, fulfill all the regulations of the classification societies.

To learn more about GEA Westfalia Separators, visit our GEA Westfalia Separator webpage.


About GEA Mechanical Equipment US, Inc (GEA Westfalia Separator Division)


GEA Westfalia Separator is a global leader in separation technology whose equipment is found in virtually every industry that processes fluids, including – the clarification of suspensions, separation of solids from liquids, separating liquid mixtures of differing densities or viscosities, extraction of active substances, and the concentration or dewatering of solids. GEA Westfalia Separators are designed for liquid-based applications. Using centrifugal force, they are used for separating suspensions consisting of two or more phases of different densities, i.e., they can be used for liquid-liquid separation, liquid-liquid-solid separation, or liquid-solid separation. They are equally as effective at separating liquid mixtures at the same time as removing solids.


About Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC

Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC specializes in high-speed disc stack centrifuge spare parts, units, and services in the Marine, Oil & Gas, Power, Industrial, and Biofuels Industries. Locally owned and operated in Houma, Louisiana, since 2004, Separator Spares & Equipment is one of the largest stocking and truly independent suppliers in the Americas of genuine and aftermarket spare parts for high-speed separators. Separator Spares & Equipment stocks over 20,000 spare parts and equipment in a climate-controlled warehouse. This allows the company to provide its customers with the largest selection of separator spare parts in the industry. Inventory continues to grow as new items are added to meet customer demands.


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