EcoFlex NT Series Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers


Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is the National Authorized GEA Heat Exchangers, Inc. (GEA PHE Division) Marine Distributor for sales of all plate heat exchangers and plate heat exchanger replacement parts for any maritime customer inside the United States, including all U.S. territories and possessions.

GEA EcoFlex NT Series

Flexible & Cutting-edge Technology for All Applications

The optimized plate design requires less heat transfer surface area for the same capacity which will lower your investment costs. New installation and gasket technologies make maintenance easier and ensure a perfect fit of the gasket and plate pack. Together with the flexible and universal plate range, the NT Series can now be configured even more exact for any application.

With GEA EcoFlex gasketed plate heat exchangers, we can provide “Tailor-Made Solutions” for your applications.

NT Series Applications:


Central cooling of main and auxiliary engines and/or turbines


Lubricating oil cooling


Cooling of transmission, compressor and other lubricating oils


Re-cooling of circulated water for cooling cylinders, pistons, injection nozzles, valves and generators


Cooling of gear oil, compressor oil and other lubricants


Preheating of heavy oil and lubricating oil


Preheating of seawater for fresh water production


Heat recovery


Heat exchange for air-conditioning of passenger and freight areas


Diesel fuel pre-heating

NT Series Benefits:


Low investment due to maximum heat transfer


Convenient maintenance


Maximum heat transfer rates


High pressure resistance


Simplified Installation


Fast and reliable gasket replacement


Flexible solutions for special demands


Special materials available for plates and gaskets

NT Series Features & Advantages:

Optiwave® Plates

Allows for fewer plates and deliver the same performance. It is because the Optiwave feature provides completely even flow across the entire width of the plate, making full use of the heat transfer surface area. This leads to the highest heat exchanger rates being achieved with the lowest pressure drop.


PosLocTM Assembly

Unlike conventional designs that rely just on the upper and lower beams for alignment, PosLoc adds self-alignment leadins that cause the plates to self-align as you tighten the pressure plates after maintenance. This provides a stable, perfectly aligned plate pack, with gaskets positioned quickly and precisely.

EcoLocTMGasket System

The innovative adhesive-free EcoLoc gasket can be replaced quickly and easily.


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