6 Reasons to Upgrade your Oil Cleaning Centrifuges!

Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuge
IOW Group Oil Cleaning Centrifuge


If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about your oil cleaning centrifuges all that often. But if you want to keep your business running smoothly, it’s important to make sure that your centrifuge is in good condition. That’s why now is the perfect time to upgrade your oil cleaning centrifuge – and we can help! With our wide selection of high-quality centrifuges, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs. So don’t wait – upgrade today!

IOW Group oil cleaning centrifuges can remove up to three times more sludge than any other similar oil cleaning centrifuges.


What is the use of an oil centrifuge?


Oil Cleaning Centrifuge

By adding an oil centrifuge, the amount of particles in the lubricant is significantly reduced.  By removing the very fine particles from the lube oil, you are increasing protection. Fine particles act as abrasives to the engine’s moving parts (camshaft lobe, piston rings, etc.). Removing particles 2μ or less will help to lengthen the lifecycle and reduce the overall wear rate.

The oil centrifuge removes the fine particles.

Driven by engine lube oil pump pressure (or external pump), the oil centrifuge bypasses only 10% of the dirty engine oil, but by doing so, it significantly improves the quality of the lubricant, increasing the life and efficiency of the full-flow filter.  With fewer particles moving around the engine, the wear and tear of components are greatly reduced, and it has the added bonus of reducing man-hours due to unnecessary servicing. Environmentally, fewer contaminants in the oil also mean lower emissions – a must in today’s environmentally sensitive times.


Oil Centrifuge Working Principle of the IOW Group Oil Cleaning Centrifuges


Spinner II vs. IOW Group Oil Cleaning Centrifuge

With dirt/sludge monitoring (CentriClean SCU Control Unit) and the additional bowl disc technology, the IOW oil cleaning centrifuges offer more outstanding filtration and separation efficiency. By removing more contaminants faster, IOW centrifugal oil filters can extend the life of the oil and primary filters and significantly improves the engine’s service life.

Clean Oil reduces maintenance costs!

Therefore, your return on investment is swift! Something that a similar oil cleaning centrifuge that you are currently using fails to do.

The IOW Group centrifuges were tested and witnessed by Lloyds of London, which was conducted in November 2016. These tests proved that the IOW oil cleaning centrifuges could remove 35% more solids than the competition (in a three-hour test). Since then, the IOW centrifuge technology has improved even further. Now, they can remove three times the amount of sludge over the same timeframe as any oil cleaning centrifuge competitors.

The IOW oil cleaning centrifuges make the exchange an easy process. They utilize the same bolt pattern and footprint for retrofitting or new installations. By simply unbolting and bolting on our IOW centrifuge filter as a replacement for the existing oil cleaning centrifuge you are using, no pipework modifications are required.

Additional features over the Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuge:


  1. Remote Monitoring: Unlike the Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuge, the IOW centrifuge unit will notify you when it needs cleaning.
  2. Bowl Discs: The bowl discs significantly improve the efficiency of our centrifuges and allow the collection of a much more significant percentage of even the smallest particles. The discs create a larger surface area by splitting the oil into many partial streams, which speeds up the separation process. No other engine-mounted oil cleaning centrifuge of the same size has this technology.
  3. Eliminated Cross Contamination: There are no leakage areas. Clean and dirty oil cannot meet. By having a very proficiently sealed product, the bowl will rotate at maximum RPM because it utilizes 100% of the oil pressure and flow to drive the rotations.
  4. Impeller: This part is not included in any competitor’s oil cleaning centrifuges and effectively draws the dirty oil into the centrifuge bowl and distributes it directly to the bowl wall, where the centrifugal forces are at their highest. This adds to the oil’s efficiency, speed, and flow through the centrifuge.
  5. Additional Bowl Speed: Due to an upgraded design utilizing all the above features, with an optimized bearing design and a lighter bowl, we have shown that the IOW MP centrifuges spin approximately 25-30% faster than the equivalent centrifugal oil filter across all pressures. The high speeds provide a greater centrifugal force which improves the separation process.
  6. Dirt Removal: In independently verified tests, the IOW oil cleaning centrifuges have proven to remove up to three times more dirt than the existing pressure-driven centrifuges under the same time and conditions.

Better Technology = Increased Separation Process = Better Results!

The IOW Group oil cleaning centrifuges have been designed to increase the centrifugal force. The higher centrifugal force provides for an increased separation process.


Oil Cleaning Centrifuge


IOW Group Oil Cleaning Centrifuge

IOW Group has developed, designed, and patented newly designed centrifugal oil filters (oil cleaning centrifuges), the highest performing and the only self-monitoring centrifuge globally, which dramatically increases your reliability. For more information, please visit IOW Group’s website.

Why are the IOW Oil Cleaning Centrifuges the best on the market? 

IOW Group has spent over five years completely re-designing how the traditional centrifuge worked to create an entirely new range of centrifugal oil separators. IOW Group has designed, patented, and manufactures the highest performing and only self-monitoring bypass, oil filtration spinner type separator globally. The combination of protection, performance, remote monitoring, and the ability to extend oil drain intervals has many turning to IOW Group as their filtration solution. The IOW oil cleaner will extend the life of the engine oil, extend the life of the inline oil filter, improve reliability, and improve service life.

Clean Oil reduces maintenance costs!

Changing oil at set intervals has many hidden costs, causes unnecessary environmental damage, and uses huge amounts of company resources. It has been shown how extended oil change intervals can lead to enormous savings and is more sustainable than old practices. The ripple effect of changing to an IOW oil cleaning centrifuge is long-lasting and far-reaching through organizations to help create greener and more sustainable solutions within the filtration industry.

So what makes IOW Group’s MP centrifugal oil filters so different and better? The answer is simple. The combination of protection, performance, remote monitoring, and the ability to extend drain intervals (oil change) has many turning to IOW Group for their next purchase. If you need a high-quality bypass or filtration spinner type separator with all these features and an impressive reputation for reliability, look no further than IOW Group’s range of uniquely engineered self-monitoring centrifuges.

IOW centrifuge filters allow you to maximize performance, extend maintenance intervals, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for engine systems and auxiliaries. IOW centrifuge filter comes standard with bowl disc technology and external monitoring for greater efficiency. IOW centrifuge filters have also been designed to retrofit to existing pipework, so upgrading to this superior technology couldn’t be easier.


Oil Cleaning Centrifuge for Sale

Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is an Authorized IOW Group Distributor and Service Center. We stock IOW Group’s oil cleaning centrifuges, centrifugal oil filter kits, oil centrifuge bowls, and spare parts for fast and reliable service. To learn more, visit our IOW Group Centrifugal Oil Filter webpage.

The IOW Group oil cleaning centrifuge is the best choice for any business looking to remove more sludge and contaminants from their engine oil. They offer greater filtration, faster speeds, increased life of the oil filters, increased opportunities for savings on your filter replacement costs, and cleaner oils. Contact us today to learn how you can get started with one of our many different models!


How does an IOW Group Oil Cleaning Centrifuge work?


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