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In 21st century living, you can automatically monitor every aspect of your life and business, and the ease of use has so many advantages that benefit us every day. Many of us use text alerts, on-site security systems, financial software, and fitness watches are all examples of monitoring tools that enable us to save time and access data that help improve processes. What about when that system could create savings within your organization?

More and more companies are focusing on creating efficiency-based savings by utilizing both remote and self-monitoring systems. In the past decade, advances in performance monitoring capabilities have improved industrial processes.

To achieve optimum efficiency within your organization, you must look back to the basics and at the lifeblood of your machinery, the lubrication oil. Lube oil is essential in all processes and key to your machinery running smoother for longer; it can either decrease or extend the lifespan of your engines depending on cleanliness levels. Harmful particles in lube oil circulating around your engine cause abrasion and unnecessary wear of engine components, which in turn increases expenses and unexpected downtime.

Unfortunately, it is still common practice, in some organizations, to change oil at set intervals. However, this does not stop oil contamination and is also an expensive and time-consuming option! An effective filtration system for your engine’s oil is essential to protect your engines and engine components from this damage and helps improve your engine’s reliability and efficiency. The key is then to monitor the performance to ensure you are getting the best results.

Centrifuge Filtration


CentriClean Remote Monitor for Centrifuge Filters

Centrifuge filters take a small amount of this oil and harness centrifugal force to draw out contaminants forming a sludge cake on the outer bowl wall. These units must be completely sealed to avoid losing oil and contain the soot. Traditionally, these oil filters are cleaned at set intervals, but how do you know your centrifuge filter is running optimally between these intervals? What if the unit is full and no longer filtering your oil? Is the centrifuge filter turning at high enough RPMs to be filtering efficiently?

There are a variety of centrifuge filter brands available, but all contain old, outdated technology. The IOW Group MP range of centrifuge filters is the only product of its kind to offer a choice of sludge monitoring units. The CentriClean Separator Control Unit (SCU) that monitors the centrifuge filter is supplied in two different forms, dependent on the environment you work within, and each unit offers different features.

The CentriClean SCU0002 allows the operator to connect this device to the engine control room or engine management system via the Modbus protocol. The digital screen on the SCU unit gives the operator the real-time running status of the centrifugal oil separator. Illustrating when the separator is working optimally or when the centrifuge filter requires servicing, indicating using a traffic light system on the SCU. Other functionality also includes the operator setting run hours and checking when the service was last carried out.

The CentriClean SCU0003 control panel was designed with mobile device users in mind. Checking your filtration system is so convenient using an everyday device that is available and accessible to a majority of people and gives the advantage of connecting and monitoring several engine oil centrifuges—using Bluetooth technology to connect to the SCU and obtain real-time information on the engine oil centrifuge in the palm of your hand! IOW Group has designed the CentriClean app to connect to the SCU0003 unit. The app has some great features, from checking the status of the centrifuge filter and whether it requires servicing to accessing manuals, ordering spares parts, and making and sharing notes on the current status, all on the go!


Centrifuge Filter

Installing an IOW centrifuge filter and CentriClean SCU monitoring unit removes the maximum amount of contaminants from your oil, meaning your oil lasts longer and your engine components are protected from excess wear. The CentriClean SCU unit is a revolutionary approach to processing reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency within your oil filtration systems by reducing maintenance costs, reducing machine downtime, and reducing wasted man-hours. Instead of servicing a centrifuge filter that may not need it, or may not have been working effectively, simply check the external monitor or app to see the running status!

Designed to be retrofitted to replace old centrifuge oil filters, the IOW centrifuge filter range can have huge improvements on your processes. As a result of extending oil change intervals, less oil is consumed, and extending component lifespan means less carbon footprint on the environment. Using CentriClean monitoring systems to move to a condition maintenance program makes the IOW MP centrifuge filters the sustainable and environmental choice. By monitoring and responding to the data from the CentriClean SCU monitor, customers can remove more sludge from the oil, increase machine uptime and increase productivity.

The combination of remote monitoring and patent-protected technology inside makes the IOW Group’s centrifuge filter range 150% more efficient than any other product available. Helping customers succeed within their business sectors and gain an advantage over their competition by opting for the most up-to-date filtration and monitoring technology.

Ultimately successful businesses are measured on productivity and profit, which is determined by the efficiency of your machinery, staff, and processes. Remote monitoring options are the choice of the future and one which will be a deciding factor in whether businesses grow in success and separate from the competition.

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IOW Group’s monitoring system provides increased efficiency for Centrifuge Filters