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GEA PHE Systems

Houma, LA – July 11, 2012 – GEA PHE Systems is announcing today that it has signed Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC as its representative for sales of its plate heat exchangers and plate heat exchanger replacement parts on all maritime vessels for Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Eastern Texas, and Western Florida. Effective immediately, Separator Spares & Equipment now offers the complete line of GEA brazed, welded, and gasketed plate heat exchangers.

Steve Rooks, Segment Sales Manager for GEA PHE Systems, said, “We are pleased to partner with this proven and reputable sales organization to service the Gulf Coast marine sector. We are glad to join our strong marine product line with Separator Spares & Equipment’s well-established sales presence.”

GEA Heat Exchangers | GEA PHE Systems

With GEA PHE Systems, we can provide you with a tailor-made plate heat exchanger solution for your application. For marine applications, GEA offers a range of plate heat exchangers that has proven itself over many years. The GEA NT Series launched on the market in 2000 rounds off the Varitherm range which has been established for a long time. Due to the high-quality materials and their special gap geometry, all GEA heat exchanger units feature a long service life and high performance.

Within the GEA Heat Exchangers Segment, they utilize their focused state-of-the-art process and project knowledge from the whole scope of heat exchanger technologies in each of their products. Produced in a worldwide network of modern manufacturing facilities, GEA plate heat exchangers (PHEs) are individually tailored to their heat exchanging processes: the size of their heat transfer areas, the selection of the plate materials, their surface profiles and flow control properties, the wide range of gaskets and connection variants create an almost unlimited modular system for tailor-made heat exchanger solutions, offering problem-free upgrading or downsizing.

We are providing the following GEA PHE Systems provides the following solutions:
GEA EcoFlex – Gaskets Heat Exchangers
GEA EcoBraze – Brazed Heat Exchangers
GEA EcoWeld – Welded Heat Exchangers

With an emphasis on the highest quality standards and constant innovations, Separator Spares & Equipment continues to expand its market position.  We are your link to genuine GEA Heat Exchangers spares, accessories, and/or complete exchangers.

To learn more, visit our GEA PHE Systems webpage.


About GEA PHE Systems

GEA PHE Systems is part of the GEA Heat Exchangers Segment of the GEA Group and comprises the following individual companies: GEA Ecoflex, GEA ViEX, GEA WTT, GEA PHE Systems Asia Pacific, GEA PHE Systems North America, and GEA Ecoserve. With more than 75 years of experience, GEA PHE Systems is the global center of competence and service in the field of gasketed, fully welded, and brazed plate heat exchangers.

  • U.S. market leader in modern plate heat exchanger technology
  • Full scope of plate & frame fully welded and brazed heat exchangers
  • Manufactured in York, PA in a 290,000 ft2 state-of-the-art facility
  • Smaller, lighter, more efficient heat exchangers
  • Most cost-effective heat transfer solutions
  • 100% factory tested with stock units and short lead times
  • Over 80 years experience of building quality plate heat exchangers within GEA PHE Systems


About Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC

Locally owned and operated in Houma, Louisiana since 2004, Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC (SSE) specializes in aftermarket and genuine spare parts. We are one of the largest and truly independent suppliers of OEM and aftermarket spare parts and service for GEA Westfalia Separators. Separator Spares & Equipment is committed to providing the largest selection of spare parts in the industry and is continuously increasing its inventory to meet the demands of its customers. All spare parts carry a 12-month warranty on all non-wear items. All stock parts can be delivered the next day and worldwide shipping is available.



GEA PHE Systems Gasket Plate Heat Exchangers


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