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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is an Authorized Ahead Sanitation Systems Distributor. Ahead Sanitation Systems is recognized as a premier designer and manufacturer of sewage treatment plants (STP) and marine sanitation systems (MSD).

Ahead Sanitation Systems

The Ahead Sanitation Systems are a simple, easy-to-use, and long-lasting solution to the problem of sewage treatment for commercial vessels.

The AHEAD TANK is a biological aerobic Type II marine sanitation device (MSD). Liquid and solid waste are removed from the water by bacteria naturally contained in the sewage. With the addition of oxygen, the naturally occurring bacteria break down and digest the solids. A mild disinfectant is added to kill any disease-causing bacteria prior to being discharged. The system has no moving parts that come in contact with the sewage. The biological aerobic process is simple, effective, and ensures reliable odor-free operation.

The Ahead marine sanitation systems are simple, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

The AHEAD TANK is constructed of LLPE, a durable, lightweight, corrosion-proof polyethylene material using a new cutting-edge rotary molding process that enables the formation of multi-treatment chambers into the internal structure of one tank. This innovative design puts the AHEAD TANK clearly ahead of the competition.

AHEAD Type II Marine Sanitation Devices are USCG Certified in accordance with USCG Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 159.16, Subpart C,159.53 (b) Type II, 159.97 Inspected Vessels and approved worldwide in compliance with IMO Resolution MEPC.2 (VI) to meet the operational requirements referred to in Regulation 4/1.1 of Annex IV of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973/78.

AHEAD TANK will not rust or corrode, and it is not affected by harsh chemicals, UV rays, or the most extreme environmental conditions.

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Ahead Sanitation Devices

Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs)

Models and Specifications

NOTE: The treatment capacity of the AHEAD TANK is expressed in the number of persons per 24 hours and depends on the type of toilet used with the system. Ahead Sanitation Systems Inc. recommends using SANIMARIN porcelain macerating toilets with a normal flushing cycle that uses 0.58 gallons of water and can pump water 9.8 ft. vertically and 98 ft. horizontally for optimum treatment effectiveness. The SANIMARIN macerating toilets are offered in 110 VAC or 12 VDC.

How does a marine sanitation device work?

marine-sanitation-systemsThe AHEAD TANK consists of three (3) treatment stages: Aeration, Clarification, and Chlorination.

Aeration Chamber

Stage 1: In the aeration chamber, the bacteria will grow and multiply using the sewage as their food supply. This action reduces the quantity and size of the solid matter.

Clarification Chamber

Stage 2: In the clarification chamber, the bacterial floc is separated from the treated water. The treated water is clean and free from solids. However, the liquid must be disinfected prior to being discharged overboard to kill any disease-causing bacteria.

Chlorination Chamber

Stage 3: In the chlorination chamber, the disinfected and final stage of the biological process is completed.

The flow through these three chambers is caused by direct displacement. When new sewage flows into the Aeration Chamber, an equal volume flows into the Clarification Chamber. In turn, it displaces an equal volume into the Chlorination Chamber, and then gravity flows overboard or into a holding tank. This process does not require internal sewage pumps.

Ahead Sanitation Systems
Marine Sanitation Devices

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