Ahead Marine Sanitation



Separator Spares & Equipment is the Authorized Marine Distributor for Ahead Sanitation Systems.

AHEAD Marine Sanitation Device

The AHEAD TANK is a simple, easy to use, and long-lasting solution to the problem of sewage treatment for recreational and commercial boating.

The AHEAD TANK is constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene using a new cutting-edge rotary molding process which enables the formation of multi-treatment chambers into the internal structure of one tank. This innovative design puts the AHEAD TANK clearly ahead of the competition.

AHEAD TANK Type II Marine Sanitation Devices are USCG Certified in accordance with USCG Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 159.16, Subpart C,159.53 (b) Type II, 159.97 Inspected Vessels and approved worldwide in compliance with IMO Resolution MEPC.2 (VI) to meet the operational requirements referred to in Regulation 4/1.1 of Annex IV of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973 / 78.

Models and Specifications

NOTE: The treatment capacity of the AHEAD TANK is expressed in the number of persons per 24 hours and depends on the type of toilet used with the system. Ahead Sanitation Systems Inc., recommends using SANIMARIN porcelain macerating toilets that have a normal flushing cycle that uses 0.58 gallons of water and is capable of pumping water 9.8 ft. vertically and 98 ft. horizontally for optimum treatment effectiveness. The SANIMARIN macerating toilets are offered in 110 VAC or 12 VDC

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