Samgong-Mitsubishi Separator Spare Parts

Separator Spares & Equipment specializes in genuine and aftermarket spare parts for Samgong-Mitsubishi Separators and accessories.  Our spare parts comply with the latest specifications and prolong lifecycle for your installation. On-going research and development ensures that you will always get the latest applicable parts and ensured reliability. Our supplied parts give you a true cost-efficient peace of mind.

We are your link to Samgong-Mitsubishi Selfjector spare parts in the Americas. We stock aftermarket and genuine spare parts for Samgong-Mitsubishi Selfjector Oil Purifiers.

Samgong-Mitsubishi Separator Spare Parts

Samgong-Mitsubishi OP Series
Samgong-Mitsubishi OP1000

Samgong-Mitsubishi OP3000

Samgong-Mitsubishi OP5000

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ Series
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ-700
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ-2000

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ-3000

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ-4000

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ-6000

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ F Series
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ10F
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ30F

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ40F

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ80F

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ120F

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ G Series
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ10G
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ20G
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ30G

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ50G
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ60G

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ70G
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ100G

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ120G
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ150G

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ H Series
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ08H/HH
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ15H/HH
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ25H/HH

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ35H/HH
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ60H/HH

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ85H/HH
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ110H/HH

Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ160H/HH
Samgong-Mitsubishi SJ220H/HH

History of Samgong-Mitsubishi Purifier

  • OP Model Introduced in 1942
  • SJ Model Introduced in 1957
  • SJ 2-Digit Model Introduced in 1962
  • SJ 4-Digit Model Introduced in 1970
  • SJ-E Series Introduced in 1984
  • SJ-F Series Introduced in 1996
  • SJ-G Series Introduced in 2002
  • SJ-H Series Introduced in 2012

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