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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is an Authorized IOW Group Distributor and Service Center. IOW Group is a leading manufacturer of separation, filtration, and fluid transfer products.

Triple Screw Pumps

IOW Group provides a full range of positive displacement triple screw pumps. All IOW pumps fit within the industry-standard footprint for easy installation. There is a choice of standard mechanically sealed pumps or, for a superior seal, IOW Group has a full range of magnetically sealed pumps.

The IOW triple screw pump is compact, powerful, efficient, and reliable. The IOW pumps are designed to endure a long, problem-free operation, even in the toughest environments. IOW Group pumps are utilized in the commercial, marine, navy, power generation, and general industries.


Magnaline Pump (Magnetically Sealed)

IOW Magnaline is a magnetically sealed pump that is completely leak free, requiring very low maintenance. As this type of pump contains no seals, they are very reliable and require very low maintenance plans, which keeps costs to a minimum. Installation is also very easy as alignment between pump and motor is achieved using guide pins. The pump is fitted with a pressure relief valve.


Mechline Pump (Mechanically Sealed)

IOW Mechline is a mechanically sealed pump that minimizes leaking during operation. The mechanically sealed pump is financially more economical, due to the shaft seal design. The main difference of the mechanically sealed pump is its design of high or low temperature, with the pump designed to be coupled directly to an electric motor of flange type. The pump is fitted with a pressure relief valve.

What is a magnetic coupled pump?

Magnetic drive pumps are sealless, zero leakage pumps. The IOW Magnaline magnetic coupled pumps give you increased reliability and 100% leak-free screw pumps.  With no sliding contact seals, there is no way for oil to escape. They are maintenance-free and hermetically sealed. Very often, poor oil quality, high oil temperature, and high viscosity liquids jeopardize the function of a traditional mechanical shaft seal, which results in oil leakage. The IOW Magnaline pump offers the following benefits:

  • No leaks – no more mess in the engine rooms due to leakage
  • No oil spills reducing oily bilge water and oily waste onboard vessels
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower spare parts costs
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Environmental clean

Power is transferred from the electric motor to the pump by a magnetic coupling. There is no mechanical contact between the pump and the electric motor drive shafts. On the pump shaft, there is a coupling hub accompanied by a set of permanent magnets. A stainless steel cover encloses the hub. The motor hub, which is accompanied by another set of magnets, rotates around the outside of this cover. Therefore, the pumped fluid is totally enclosed in the IOW Magnaline pump, and cannot leak. This design gives you a leak-free triple screw pump. No external cooling source is required because a fraction of the main flow is used for cooling the magnetic coupling and lubricating the bearing. The pump has a pressure relief valve, with internal bypass, which limits the differential pressure across the pump.  This then protects the pump. The relief valve is designed to open even if the discharge line is blocked or closed. 

Upgrade your auxiliary pumps to a leak-free magnetic coupled pump by IOW Group.  The IOW Magnaline pumps are excellent drop-in replacements for IMO OptiLine and conventional IMO ACE/ACG three screw pumps.  They have the same technical data and are very compatible.  The IOW Magnaline pump and electric motor are delivered as a package due to the sizing of the coupling.

Excellent and compatible option for replacing IMO type pumps

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