OSD 2-02-137

GEA Westfalia minimaXx Centrifuge

Machine Application

The GEA Westfalia OSD 2-02-137 Separator is a self-cleaning mineral oil separator. Self-cleaning separators with a disc bowl, single centripetal pump, and automatic solids ejection are used where the percentage of solids in the oil are too high for a manual cleaning purifier. The GEA Westfalia OSD minimaXx is used mainly for the clarification and purification of oils such as gas oil, diesel oil and lube oil. Self-cleaning separators discharge solid matter automatically while the separator is running. This avoids the need to shut down the separator for frequent cleaning.

Separator Design

The separator is designed for continuous treatment of fuel and lube oils. The separator is delivered in a closed design and is equipped with a sight glass for checking the oil level. The hood is detachable. The machine is driven by a 3-phase AC motor. The power is transmitted to the bowl spindle via a flat belt. All bearings are splash-lubricated from a central oil bath.


  • Light weight
  • Low noise
  • Flat belt drive
  • Standard motor (440 volts, 60 Hz, 3-Phase)
  • Gravity discharge of heavy phase
  • Self-Cleaning bowl
  • Hood: Silumin
  • Gaskets: NBR
  • Easy conversion into clarifier

Optional Equipment:

  • Control unit for automatic operation
  • Skid Mounted (Ready for Plug-n-Play Operation)
  • Set of spare parts for 8,000 / 16,000 operating hours
  • Conversion set for clarifier
  • Feed pump unit

Separator Throughputs and Capacities

The OSD-2 Separator is designed for continuous treatment of fuel & lube oils, hydraulic, diesel, turbine, and waste oils. (Throughputs may vary depending on temperature and viscosity of liquids.)


Expected Throughput:

  • GO/MDO             1,170 l/h (309 gph)
  • MDO                        900 l/h (237 gph)

The GEA Westfalia OSD 2 Separator is the smallest self-cleaning centrifuge in the world!

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