What is an automatic backwash filter?

Automatic Backwash Filter


automatic-backwash-filterA filtration system is made up of several complex components, but one of the most important is the automatic backwash filter (backflushing filter). There have been many changes in lube oil technology and lube oil cleaning over the past years. As engine manufacturers modified engine designs to keep up with the changing environmental requirements, the engine pressures and temperatures have increased. These factors make additional demands on the lube oil and increase the amount of residual contaminants in the lube oil. An automatic backwash filter keeps lube oil clean and free from contaminants like dirt, scales, and metallic abrasions. Its primary role is to prevent engine damage and extend the lifespan of your machinery.


How do backwash filters compare to normal filters?

Backwash filters and normal filters both do the same job – they filter liquids to remove contaminants and sediments. The difference, however, lies in how these filters are cleaned and maintained.

Normal filters (with a disposable filter element) must be checked manually and cleaned at regular intervals to maintain cleanliness and efficiency. If maintenance personnel are negligent, the filter is less likely to last as long and will become more of a financial liability for the company, as regular servicing and replacement parts will be required. 

With backwash filters, the filter mesh is force-cleaned, sending built-up contaminants out through a backflush drain valve. It’s far easier to maintain backwash filters, as periodic servicing is not needed. They also have a longer lifespan (especially automatic backwash filters), saving you time and money in the long run. 


How does a backwash filter work?

how-does-backwash-filter-workThe backwash filter is installed in the full-flow system as close to the engine as possible. Its function is primarily to protect the engine against harmful solid particles. Dirty oil enters through an oil inlet, passing through an initial course filter before entering a main filter chamber. Within the main filter chamber, a stack of filter elements exists where the dirty oil is forced through each layer of mesh. The mesh catches particulates, filtering the oil before it’s circulated back into the engine.

A small amount of cleaned oil is forced back through the filter stacks under high pressure to remove built-up contaminants on the mesh, effectively rinsing the filters. This leaves them clean and ready to provide optimal filtration for the next cycle. There are two (2) basic types of backflushing filters: manual backflushing filters and automatic backflushing filters.


Manual Backflushing Filters

Manual backflush filters have to be set manually for backflushing periodically by those using them. From time to time, they must be checked for differential pressure changes and other abnormalities before opting to run the backflushing procedure. Manual backflush filters require operating staff and cause an interruption in operation during the cleaning process. Frequent replacement of disposable filter elements and frequent manual cleaning of the cleanable filter elements are common problems associated with manual filters.


Automatic Backflushing Filters

As the name suggests, automatic backflushing filters are automatic and seamless without filtration cleaning interruptions. A small amount of cleaned fluid already passed through the filter is used to ‘backflush’ the filter elements. The flow is reversed under high pressure to force cleaned liquid back through the filter mesh, removing dirt, soot, and other contaminants. The common problems associated with manual filters are eliminated with automatic backflushing filters. With automatic backflushing filters, there is no disposable filter element and no manual cleaning of the filter element. Automatic backflushing filters provide high operation security and minimal maintenance work. 






Ordinarily, the backflushed dirty oil would go straight back into the engine’s sump to be filtered out again. However, the IOW eQlyps automatic backwash filter is uniquely fitted with an IOW Magnaline pump which provides extra pressure or suction. The extra pressure allows the IOW eQlyps filter to be equipped with the market-leading IOW MP centrifugal filter. The IOW MP centrifugal filter removes the backflushed dirt particles, soot, and contaminants from the lube oil entirely. Therefore, only clean oil is returned to the engine’s sump.







What is an automatic backwash filter?

eQlyps-backwash-filter-segmentAn automatic backwash filter is a type of filter that removes impurities or contaminants from low-viscosity liquids like lubrication oils and fuel oil. Unlike conventional filters, an auto backwash filter is designed to be fully self-cleaning. Automatic filters are designed for continuous backflushing, eliminating the need for manual cleaning. This eliminates the need for the disposal and replacement of used oil filters. Automatic backwash filters are cost-worthy and more efficient than normal filters.


What are the benefits of an automatic backwash filter?

By eliminating the need for regular servicing and maintenance, automatic backwash filters offer non-stop filtration for a more efficient operation process. This, in turn, provides an excellent price-to-performance ratio where operating and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum, allowing companies to take advantage of increased production and less downtime. Moreover, overall engine performance is enhanced due to filtered oil circulating throughout the engine, which reduces wear of critical components – ultimately giving customers the opportunity to capitalize on profits.

Advantages of eQlyps Automatic Backwash Filters:
– Increased life expectancy of the engine by reducing engine wear
– Enhanced service life of components
– Low operating costs
– No disposable filter element (reduces waste disposal costs)
– Reduced maintenance and labor costs
– Reliable protection
– Aids clean combustion for reduced exhaust emissions
– Simple to operate and maintain


The IOW Group Q series: next generation in automatic backwash filter technology

automatic-backwash-filterThe IOW Group Q series backflushing filter is a colossal leap in the evolution of backflushing filtration. This unique, complete oil filtration system provides a compact and monitored solution that will remove contaminants down to one micron from an engine’s lube oil. The IOW Group Q series automatic backwash filter is a combination of a full-flow filter and a centrifugal filter.

Improved Engine Protection!

Unlike other auto backwashing filter brands, the IOW Q series backflushing filters have been manufactured from stronger and more durable components to enhance their filtration capabilities. It features O-ring seals that maintain pressure, preventing cross-contamination between the cleaned oil and dirty oil. It also features a technically advanced mesh weave, which has an improved geometrical design to aid finer separation and prevent the filter element from becoming blocked. Furthermore, filter elements within the IOW Q series automatic backwash filter are made of molded plastic to seal each filter section completely – they squeeze together to form perfect seal filtering compartments for the oil to travel through, again eliminating cross-contamination.

It continuously self-cleans by backflushing one segment of the filter mesh stack at a time (as pictured) while the remaining segments filter dirty oil for circulation. All segments are cleaned once a minute using a distributor that rotates at 1 RPM (rotation per minute) with an IOW Group electric motor (or hydraulic motor).

Upgrade your engine with market-leading filtration technology from IOW Group!

The IOW Group’s eQlyps filtration system features the Q series backflushing filter along with our unrivaled IOW MP centrifuge filter and IOW Magnaline pump. It removes contaminants down to 1 micron, ensuring maximum cleanliness of oil (often doubling its life), as well as maximizing engine performance, helping to reduce emissions, and extending engine life by up to three times!


How does an IOW eQlyps Automatic Backwash Filter work?


Automatic backwash filters are a cost-effective and highly efficient alternative to conventional filters. Among all the options available, the IOW Group’s Q series stands out for its exceptional performance and ability to prolong your engine’s lifespan. With a complete filtration system from the IOW Group, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings on maintenance and replacement parts. Not only that, but you’ll also make a positive impact on the environment while greatly improving your return on investment (ROI).

But don’t just take our word for it – explore IOW Group’s case studies to see how their technology has helped businesses like yours in the past! To learn more, visit IOWGroup.comLet us help you find the perfect filtration solution for your needs! Contact us today with your filtration requirements.



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