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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is an Authorized IOW Group Distributor and Service Center. We stock a variety of IOW Group pumps, parts, and accessories to meet the needs of all our customers.

IOW Group

IOW Group is a leading manufacturer of separation, filtration, and fluid transfer products. IOW Group provides a full range of positive displacement triple screw pumps. All IOW pumps fit within the industry standard footprint for easy installation. There is a choice of standard mechanically sealed pumps or, for a superior seal, IOW Group has a full range of magnetically sealed pumps.

The IOW triple screw pump is compact, powerful, efficient, and reliable. The IOW pumps are designed to endure a long, problem-free operation, even in the toughest environments. IOW Group pumps are utilized in the commercial, marine, navy, power generation, and general industries.

IOW Group pumps are an excellent and compatible option for replacing old IMO-type pumps. If you are experiencing problems with old mechanical sealed leaking IMO pumps, you need to try the IOW Magnaline pump. The IOW Magnaline pumps offer a leak-free operation (magnetic coupled).

Do you need IOW Group pump spare parts?

We provide genuine spare parts, accessories, and replacement pumps for the following IOW Group pumps.

IOW Low Pressure Pumps

IOW Magnaline Pump Range

IOW-Group-Magnaline-PumpIOW Magnaline is a magnetically sealed pump (magnetic coupled pump) that is completely leak-free, requiring very low maintenance. As this type of pump contains no seals, they are very reliable and require very low maintenance plans, which keeps costs to a minimum. Installation is also very easy as alignment between pump and motor is achieved using guide pins. The pump is fitted with a pressure relief valve.

IOW Magnaline 025 N1/L1
IOW Magnaline 032 N1/L1
IOW Magnaline 038 K1/N1/D1

IOW Magnaline 225 N1/L1
IOW Magnaline 232 N1/L1

IOW Magnaline 238 K1/N1/D1
IOW Magnaline 345 N1/K1

IOW Magnaline 352 N1/K1
IOW Magnaline 458 N1

IOW Mechline Pump Range

IOW-Mechline-Pump-mechanically-sealedIOW Mechline is a mechanically sealed pump that minimizes leaking during operation. Due to the shaft seal design, the mechanically sealed pump is financially more economical. The main difference of the mechanically sealed pump is its design of high or low temperature, with the pump designed to be coupled directly to an electric motor of flange type. The pump is fitted with a pressure relief valve.

IOW Mechline 025 N2/L2
IOW Mechline 032 N2/L2
IOW Mechline 038 K2/N2/D2

IOW Mechline 125 N3/L3
IOW Mechline 225 N2/L2

IOW Mechline 232 N2/L2
IOW Mechline 238 K2/N2/D2

IOW Mechline 345 N2/K2
IOW Mechline 352 N2/K2

IOW Group
Positive Displacement Triple Screw Pumps

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