IMO Pump Spare Parts

IMO AB Screw Pump Spare Parts

Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC specializes in aftermarket and genuine CIRCOR IMO AB and CIRCOR IMO Pump spare parts and complete pumps. In 2017, CIRCOR acquired Colfax Fluid Handling (CFH) from Colfax Corporation.

IMO AB‚ a CIRCOR Business Unit‚ is a leading manufacturer of rotary positive, displacement, three-screw pumps. The IMO Pump is designed for fuel handling systems such as booster, oil transfer, purifier/feed, and lubrication systems. These pumps are utilized in the commercial marine, navy, power generation, and general industry. IMO AB screw pumps are simple to understand; with only three moving parts, there is little that can go wrong. The screw pumps can be quickly and easily repaired when something does occur, requiring only standard hand tools and general maintenance personnel.

Need spare parts for your IMO Pump?

We stock and supply a full range of replacement spare parts for CIRCOR IMO AB, positive displacement pumps utilized with Alfa Laval and Wartsila equipment. We can provide triple low-pressure screw pumps, with or without magnetic drives, which are designed as a drop in replacement for your existing IMO pumps. They are designed to bolt to your existing flanges without any piping modifications.

These spare parts comply with the latest specifications and prolong the lifecycle for your installation. Our supplied parts give you a true cost-efficient peace of mind. Whether you are looking for aftermarket replacement parts or genuine spares and/or accessories, we are your best choice for IMO pumps.

We provide spare parts and drop-in replacement pumps for the following CIRCOR IMO AB pumps.

IMO Low Pressure Screw Pumps

IMO Low Pressure Pump Series

IMO AAA Low Pressure Pump
IMO ABF Low Pressure Pump
IMO ABQ Low Pressure pump 100 – 140 – 160 – 180
IMO ACD Low Pressure Pump 025
IMO ACE Low Pressure Pump 025 – 032 – 038
IMO ACE OptiLine 025 – 032 – 038
IMO ACF/UCF Low Pressure Pump 080 – 090 – 100 – 110 – 125
IMO ACG/UCG Low Pressure Pump 45 – 52 – 60 – 70
IMO ACG OptiLine 045 – 052 – 060 – 070
IMO ACP Low Pressure pump 025 – 032 – 038 – 045 – 052 – 070
IMO ALB Low Pressure Pump
IMO ALG Medium Pressure Pump 080 – 110
IMO LPE Low Pressure Pump 025 – 032 – 038
IMO LPE OptiLine 025 – 032 – 038
IMO LPD Low Pressure Pump 015 – 020
IMO LPQ Low Pressure Pump 100 – 110 – 125 – 140
IMO UCF Low Pressure Pump 080 – 090 – 100 – 110 – 125
IMO UCG Low Pressure Pump 45 – 52 – 60 – 70

Alfa Laval ALP Pump Series

Alfa Laval ALP 015-040 Pump
Alfa Laval ALP 055-115 Pump
Alfa Laval ALP 165-215 Pump
Alfa Laval ALP 230-280 Pump

IMO Pump Parts

Ball Bearing
Bearing Element
Complete Shaft Coupling
Front Balancing Cover
Front Cover
Inlet/Outlet Flanges
Joint Kit
Magnetic Coupling
Major Kit
Mechanical Seal
Minor Kit
Nitrile Shaft Seal
Power Rotor
Pump Body
Pump Element
Rear Bearing Element
Rebuilding Set
Rotor Set
Seal Guard Kit
Sealing Element
Sealing Washer
Shaft Coupling
Shaft Seal
Sleeve Element
Valve Element
Valve Housing
Valve Spring
Viton Shaft Seal
and more …
IMO Magnetic Coupled Pumps

IOW-Group-Magnaline-PumpThe IMO OptiLine magnetic coupled screw pumps also called “magnetic drive or mag-drive,” bring considerable savings in maintenance and spare parts. Magnetically coupled pumps do not have a mechanical seal. The magnetically coupled screw pump is an excellent solution for fluids that are potentially dangerous if leaked because it doesn’t have the traditional mechanical seal. By using a magnetic drive screw pump, you can avoid having to maintain and replace costly spare parts.

We provide excellent and compatible options for replacing your old IMO AB pumps. If you are experiencing process issues with an old mechanical sealed leaking IMO pump, you need to try IOW Group’s Magnaline pump.

IMO Pump Spare Parts

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