Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger Spare Parts


Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC specializes in aftermarket and genuine Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger spare parts and accessories. Tranter heat exchangers provide heat transfer through plates instead of tubes.

In 1993, Tranter acquired the product lines of Sweden-based Reheat and SWEP gasketed plate heat exchanger. In 2005, Alfa Laval acquired Tranter PHE from the Dover Corporation. Tranter PHE continues to operate as an independent market channel and offers its own product range under the Tranter brand.

Tranter Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates

The Tranter gasketed plate heat exchanger is efficient and flexible. The gaskets of a Tranter plate heat exchanger experience a normal fatigue process over the course of their service life. Depending on the application and operating conditions, the plate assembly can be re-tightened several times until the lower limit is reached.

Our spares for gasketed plate heat exchangers are fully compatible with genuine Tranter spare parts and come complete with a 12-month warranty on all non-wear items. The Separator Spares & Equipment brand comes on every box; therefore, you can rest assured that our whole team is behind you every step of the way.

Do you have a poorly functioning Tanter gasketed plate heat exchanger?

With Separator Spares & Equipment, you can replace damaged Tranter plates and gaskets with confidence. Our wide range of spares for Tranter plate heat exchangers ensures an efficient solution for your application. Eliminate costly downtime and achieve optimal performance with our gasketed plate and frame spare parts. Let us help keep your gasketed plate heat exchanger maintenance schedule on track.

Do you need Tranter plate heat exchanger spare parts?

Our Tranter gasket plate heat exchanger spare parts comply with the latest specifications and prolong the lifecycle of your installation. On-going research and development ensure that you will always get the latest applicable parts and ensure reliability. We allow you to save money without losing quality. Our supplied parts give you a true cost-efficient peace of mind.

Separator Spares & Equipment supplies a complete range of aftermarket spare parts for Tranter plate heat exchangers. Whether you are looking for a plate pack or replacement Tranter gaskets and plates, we are your best choice.

Tranter Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Tranter GC Series
Tranter GC-12
Tranter GC-16
Tranter GC-26
Tranter GC-28
Tranter GC-30
Tranter GC-48
Tranter GC-50
Tranter GC-51
Tranter GC-55

Tranter GC-60
Tranter GC-65
Tranter GC-66
Tranter GC-75
Tranter GC-78
Tranter GC-85
Tranter GC-95
Tranter GCD-010
Tranter GCD-012

Tranter GCD-016
Tranter GCD-030
Tranter GCD-048
Tranter GCD-050
Tranter GCD-054
Tranter GCD-055
Tranter GCD-065
Tranter GCP-010

Tranter GCP-016
Tranter GCP-026
Tranter GCP-028
Tranter GCP-030
Tranter GCP-051
Tranter GCP-060
Tranter TD-10
Tranter TP-10

Tranter GF Wide-Gap Series
Tranter GFP-030
Tranter GFP-057
Tranter GFP-080

Tranter GFP-097
Tranter GFP-145
Tranter GFP-187

Tranter GFP-205
Tranter S3
Tranter S8

Tranter TW-05
Tranter TW-10
Tranter TW-18

Tranter GL Series
Tranter GL-013
Tranter GL-085
Tranter GL-145
Tranter GL-152

Tranter GL-218
Tranter GL-230
Tranter GL-284
Tranter GL-330

Tranter GL-430
Tranter GLD-013
Tranter GLD-230

Tranter GLD-330
Tranter GLD-440
Tranter GLP-013

Tranter GT Series
Tranter GT-206
Tranter GT-210

Tranter GT-215

Tranter GW Series
Tranter GW-81
Tranter GW-82
Tranter GW-83

Tranter GWP-081
Tranter GWP-082
Tranter GWP-083

Tranter GWP-400
Tranter GWP-500

Tranter WH-040
Tranter WX-050

Tranter GX Series
Tranter GX-6
Tranter GX-7
Tranter GX-12
Tranter GX-18
Tranter GX-26
Tranter GX-37
Tranter GX-42
Tranter GX-51
Tranter GX-60
Tranter GX-64
Tranter GX-85
Tranter GX-91
Tranter GX-100
Tranter GX-118
Tranter GX-140

Tranter GX-145
Tranter GX-180
Tranter GX-205
Tranter GX-265
Tranter GX-325
Tranter GXD-006
Tranter GXD-007
Tranter GXD-012
Tranter GXD-018
Tranter GXD-026
Tranter GXD-037
Tranter GXD-042
Tranter GXD-051
Tranter GXD-060
Tranter GXD-064

Tranter GXD-085
Tranter GXD-091
Tranter GXD-100
Tranter GXD-118
Tranter GXD-140
Tranter GXD-145
Tranter GXD-180
Tranter GXD-205
Tranter GXD-265
Tranter GXD-325
Tranter UFX-6
Tranter UFX-12
Tranter UFX-18
Tranter UFX-26
Tranter UFX-37

Tranter UFX-42
Tranter UFX-51
Tranter UFX-60
Tranter UFX-64
Tranter UFX-85
Tranter UFX-91
Tranter UFX-100
Tranter UFX-118
Tranter UFX-140
Tranter UFX-145
Tranter UFX-180
Tranter UFX-205
Tranter UFX-265
Tranter UFX-325

Tranter HX Series
Tranter HX-12
Tranter HX-25

Tranter HX-50

Tranter HX-85

Tranter HX-180

Tranter Snap-In Gaskets
Tranter 06T
Tranter GC-8
Tranter GC-26
Tranter GL-13
Tranter GM-010
Tranter GMD-010

Tranter GMP-010
Tranter GMP-026
Tranter GX-26
Tranter GX-42
Tranter TD-10

Tranter TP-10
Tranter UMP-005
Tranter UMP-010
Tranter UMP-060
Tranter UMP-200

Tranter UMP-400
Tranter UX-01
Tranter UX-05
Tranter UX-20
Tranter UX-40

Tranter SX Series
Tranter 07S
Tranter 14S

Tranter SX41
Tranter SXP-070

Tranter SXP-140

Tranter SXP-400

Tranter UX Series
Tranter 06T
Tranter 11T
Tranter LP-80
Tranter UX-01
Tranter UX-05
Tranter UX-10

Tranter UX-20
Tranter UX-40
Tranter UX-80
Tranter UX-81
Tranter UX-83
Tranter UX-90

Tranter UXP-005
Tranter UXP-010
Tranter UXP-060
Tranter UXP-100
Tranter UXP-110
Tranter UXP-200

Tranter UXP-400
Tranter UXP-801
Tranter UXP-802
Tranter UXP-900
Tranter UXP-960

Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

What are the parts of Tranter gasketed plate heat exchangers?


In the Tranter gasketed plate heat exchanger, the corrugated plates are fitted with gaskets that seal the channels and direct the fluids into alternate channels. The plate pack is assembled between a frame plate and a pressure plate and compressed by tightening bolts fitted between these different plates. The channel plates and the pressure plate are suspended from an upper carrying bar and located by a lower guiding bar, both of which are fixed to the support column. The physical design of the Tranter gasketed plate heat exchanger allows easy in-line cleaning and capacity modification by adding or removing plates.

Separator Spares & Equipment specializes in aftermarket spare parts for Tranter plate heat exchangers, including replacement Tranter plates and gaskets. If you want to upgrade your current Tranter plate heat exchanger plates, complete plate pack, or replace your heat exchanger gaskets, request a quote!

Need your Tranter heat exchanger serviced or repaired?

Reconditioned-Tranter-Gasket-Heat-ExchangerWhen a gasketed plate heat exchanger starts to leak, the gaskets start to get hard or fall off; it is time to think about changing your gaskets. Our supplied heat exchanger gaskets provide an efficient solution and ensure the optimal performance of your Tranter gasket plate heat exchangers.

Separator Spares & Equipment provides a range of services for Tranter gasketed plate heat exchangers. From preventive maintenance and troubleshooting to upgrades, we have you covered!

Do you need Tranter plate heat exchanger gaskets?

Regular maintenance of your Tranter heat transfer products will improve performance and reliability. Gasket kits from Separator Spares & Equipment will make it easier for your scheduled maintenance, saving you time and lower operating costs.

Did your Tranter heat exchangers lose their heat transfer performance?

Request a quote! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a poorly functioning heat exchanger. Separator Spares & Equipment has years of experience servicing these devices and will be happy to provide helpful troubleshooting tips or even parts if necessary. We can help you with your Tranter plate heat exchanger spare parts and service needs. To learn more about our services, please visit our Plate Heat Exchanger Services webpage.

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