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TD-107 Oil Water Monitors & Calibration Services

Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is as an Authorized Sales and Service Agent for the TD-107 MEPC 107(49) Oil Content Monitor. We are authorized to perform TD-107 commissioning and start-up services.

The TD-107 Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor (OCM) is a 5 ppm or 15 ppm bilge alarm for oily water separators based on fluorescence detection technology. Fluorescence makes the TD-107 immune to interferences by turbidity or particles/sediments in the bilge which impact competing “light scatter” oil content monitors. Because silt, algae, iron oxide and/or other particles do not fluoresce at oil’s wavelength, they cannot interfere as a ‘false positive’ high alarm that will keep the oily water separator in recirculation mode without ever pumping down the oily waste holding tanks.

The TD-107 Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor is a low-maintenance 5 or 15ppm bilge alarm for oily water separator applications and is fully certified for IMO Resolution MEPC 107(49) by the USCG. Separator Spares & Equipment provides calibration service, new, and/or replacement TD-107 bilge alarm monitors.

Features & Advantages:


FLUORESCENCE detection technology is resistant to interferences from turbid or dirty water that impact light scatter devices.


Substances such as sediment and rust do not materially interfere with the detection of oil in water.


FLUORESCENCE detection ensures that the Oily Water Separator is not ‘fooled’ into staying in recirculation mode by false positives caused by silt and other solids.


Features a Cell Cleanliness Monitor to alert crew when cleaning is required simple and easy maintenance.


Includes standard alarm relays and 4-20mA output for remote monitoring, along with user-friendly USB data port for review of recorded OCM data



TD-107 5.0 is the world’s first and only DNV Clean Design Certified 5ppm Bilge Alarm

Models and Specifications

Please contact us for your IMO required calibration service.

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