Bloksma Plate Fin Oil Cooler PF-Type


Kelvion Machine Cooling B.V. (formerly GEA Bloksma B.V.) has signed a Distributor Agreement with Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC. We are the Authorized Kelvion Machine Cooling (GEA Bloksma) Distribution Center, for their products, in the United States.

Design & Function

The Kelvion Machine Cooling plate fin oil (PF) cooler is especially designed to achieve excellent performance within the best compact design possible. A wide variety of shell sizes, shell lengths, different tube bundle inserts, and different materials enable us to select the most suitable compact cooler for each application. By standardizing this cooler type (modular build design), production lead times are short, and production procedures are transparent resulting in short delivery times, for our customers.

The PF cooler combines both advantages of using a tube bundle and plate finned heat exchanger technology. The bundle exists of a tube stack and special designed plate fins, which are built together as one rigid cooler bundle. Because of this construction, in combination with optimized tolerances, the bundle has a very high efficiency combined with a very compact size.

The PF cooler has high advantages in applications where oil has to be cooled off with another non-oil fluid. The surface on the shell side is enlarged because of the lower heat transfer value of most oils. The required cooling surface is realized by mounting closely placed plate fins around the tubes, which are built together as one rigid cooler bundle. The cylindrical execution ensures that vibrations and high-pressure pulses do not have any influence on the performance of the cooler. This non-welded compact cooler design is not sensitive for deformation.


Features & Advantages:

  • Compact design (saving up to 40% in size)
  • Low weight construction
  • Non-welded construction
  • Flanged or threaded connections
  • Tube bundle retractable from both sides
  • Design code AD 2000
  • CE/PED approved construction
  • Approved by all major Marine Classification Societies
    Marine Version (MV) or Industrial Version (IV)


  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Easy inspection and cleaning on tube side
  • Double O-ring construction
  • Flexible mounting
  • Excellent resistance to shocks, vibrations, and pulsations


Air Compressors
Diesel & Gas Engines
Gear Boxes

Oil Supply Units
Power Stations

and more …

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