Trojan Marinex BallastMaster

Ballast Water Treatment System

The GEA Westfalia Separator BallastMaster Marinex, powered by Trojan Marinex, is best positioned to be one of the first to achieve USCG type approval with current AMS approval for fresh, brackish and marine water. The GEA Trojan Marinex is a purpose-built for the marine environment, and provides filtration + UV in a single, compact unit.

Unique Features = Tangible Benefits

Custom BWT Filtration

Provides the ideal balance of high performance and reliable run times. The optimized, automatic backwash thoroughly cleans each filter element, ensuring relentless treatment.

Installation Flexibility

Install vertically or horizontally

Compact Footprint

50% smaller than others in the industry, and certain parts, such as the inlet, are removable. This provides additional flexibility for both new builds and retrofits.

Low Power Draw

The lowest installed power draw (at least 50% less) of other systems in the industry.

No Risk of Corrosion

Chemical-Free Treatment

There is no need to transport, store or handle toxic chemicals, and no carcinogenic disinfection by-products will be formed in your tank.

Uninterrupted Operation

BWTS Rated Treatment Capacity (m3/h)

GEA Trojan Marinex BWT 150 m3/hr
GEA Trojan Marinex BWT 250 m3/hr
GEA Trojan Marinex BWT 500 m3/hr
GEA Trojan Marinex BWT 750 m3/hr
GEA Trojan Marinex BWT 1000 m3/hr
GEA Trojan Marinex BWT 1250 m3/hr
GEA Trojan Marinex BWT 1500 m3/hr

GEA Trojan Marinex Advantages

Small footprint
Low Power requirements
No chemical used
No by-product formation
No corrosive effects

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