BilgeMaster cleandesign

GEA Westfalia Separator BilgeMaster cleandesign


The treatment of bilgewater on board ships and rigs is strictly controlled by national and international laws.  Bilgewater may only be discharged into the sea after prior de-oiling with specially approved treatment systems.  The IMO (International Maritime Organization) specifies that bilgewater may be discharged into the sea only if its residual oil content is below 15 ppm.  The limit has even been reduced to 5 ppm in special areas.

The GEA Westfalia Separator BilgeMaster is great for new builds and retrofit. These modules are assembled to form a complete unit, and can also be supplied as individual modules upon request. This means that the system can be customized to meet the local circumstances in an optimum manner even in restricted spaces. This makes it a great option for replacing old Alfa Laval Eco Stream BWPX 307 Separators, Marinfloc Bilge Water Cleaning Units, Facet International Bilge Water Separators, and/or Wärtsilä Oily Water Separators.

The GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster Oily Water Separator offers high separating efficiency, continuous unmanned operation, service friendliness, and significantly reduced waste disposal costs.



  • No chemicals
  • Centrifugal technology
  • Certified according to IMO MEPC.107(49)
  • Low operating costs due to automatic cleaning (less manpower)
  • High separation efficiency due to large clarification area
  • No impact from the rig or ship movement
  • Continuous separation 24/7 if needed (tank cleaning)


  • Five (5) different unit sizes between 200-5000 l/h
  • Compact design
  • More operator friendly and flexible units
  • Interchangeable parts with mineral oil centrifuges (HFO/DO/LO)
  • More flexibility for the installation of the control panel, heater, and pump units
  • No pipe changes for rebuilding to SafetyMaster
  • No changes to install an optional adsorption filter

Optional Equipment

Content Monitor
Dosing Unit
Adsorption Filter
Filter Monitoring Unit
Demulsifier Plant
and more …

GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster Oily Water Separator

GEA Westfalia Separator BilgeMaster 200 Model
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster 200
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster F Series
GEA Bilge Separator 200
GEA Bilge Separator 500
GEA Bilge Separator 1200
GEA Bilge Separator 2500
GEA Bilge Separator 5000

– 15 ppm without a filter
– 5 ppm with a filter
– GEA SafetyMaster

GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster E Series
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-E cleandesign
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-E 400
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-E 500
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-E 800
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-E 1200

GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-E 2000
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-E 2500
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-E 4000
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-E 5000

GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster D Series
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D cleandesign
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D 750
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D 1000
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D 1500
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D 2000
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D 2500

GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D 3000
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D 4000
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D 5000
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D 6000
GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D 7000

GEA Westfalia Bilge Separator Models
GEA Westfalia WSC 5-01-006
GEA Westfalia WSC 25-01-006
GEA Westfalia WSD 6
GEA Westfalia WSD 8
GEA Westfalia WSD 18

GEA Westfalia WSD 35
GEA Westfalia WSD 60
GEA Westfalia WSD 200
GEA Westfalia WSE 5
GEA Westfalia WSE 10

GEA Westfalia WSE 20
GEA Westfalia WSE 50
GEA Westfalia WTC 2-03-1


≤ 5 ppm without Chemicals and with/without Filter

  • Performance beyond existing IMO standard
  • Test report by GL available
  • Easy to retrofit the GEA Westfalia BilgeMaster-D series

≤ 15 ppm without Chemicals & Filter

  • No replacement of filter cartridges
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Less investment costs
  • Smaller dimensions and less weight

The Flexible Compact Unit Design is Suitable
for Both Newbuilds and Retrofits

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