EcoBrazed Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

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Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers / EcoBraze

Gasket Free and Strong

The brazed plate heat exchangers from GEA PHE Systems offer tailor-made solutions for the widest range of applications. Thanks to the compact design and simple installation GEA’s EcoBraze Series can be supplied as individual plate packs at short notice.

Brazed plate heat exchangers are made up of an individually defined number of corrugated stainless steel plates that are permanently bonded using cooper or nickel in a special vacuum brazing process. They are then hermetically sealed without using any gaskets, thus allowing the highest operating pressures and temperatures.


EcoBraze Features & Advantages:


Safety ChamberTM

GEA’s patented Safety Chamber™ absorbs the stress from thermal shock and pressure pulsations that would damage other brazed plate heat exchangers. When overloaded, encapsulated contact points around the ports take up the forces and stretch, protecting against internal leaks and premature failure. This is a GEA PHE Systems exclusive safety factor.

Robust Plate Design

This special plate design by GEA PHE Systems, the Rolled Edge Lock System™, guarantees a consistent braze joint at the plate overlap and makes for stronger and more leak-proof heat exchanger. The contact points, extended and larger in design, result in stronger braze joints between the plates, thus guaranteeing high heat exchanger strength.

Delta InjectionTM for Advanced Evaporator – AE Line

A GEA PHE Systems patented Delta Injection™ refrigerant distribution system is specially developed for evaporator applications. It provides precise metering of refrigerant to the channels, guaranteeing the highest evaporator performance. The Delta Injection™ is fully integrated into the stainless steel heat-transfer plate.

Full-Flow SystemTM

Every new plate design is now equipped with the Full-Flow System™. This unique flow system insures continuous flow around the port area to prevent freezing and also feeds the working fluid equally over the channel to guarantee maximum use of the heat transfer area. Additional protection and performance from GEA PHE Systems.

Circuit Variations

EcoBraze offers circuit Variations to meet all requirements. The connections can all be on the front side or some can be fitted to the rear to simplify installation. Their exact positioning can be adapted to match the selected design.

EcoBrazed Benefits:

Practically maintenance-free due to absence of gaskets

Simple assembly with individual connection design

Highest operational reliability thanks to comprehensive quality checks

High resistance to pressure and temperature

Compact design with low weight

Short delivery times

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