SEPAR Filters


Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is a SEPAR Filter Master Distributor for North and South America territory. We provide genuine SEPAR fuel and water filtration systems and components to transportation, power generation, agriculture, military, commercial, and recreational marine markets in the US, Canada, and Central and South America.

SEPAR Fuel Filters

SEPAR applies cutting-edge technology to create systems that ensure reliable, uninterrupted engine operation under the most demanding scenarios. The SEPAR 2000 series of fuel filters is a line of fuel water separators designed to accommodate newer and more demanding diesel fuel engines. They are manufactured from high-quality, non-corroding aluminum alloy castings, heavy polycarbonate or metal bowls, and stainless-steel hardware.

Both water and particulate matter can result in high wear and tear on fuel pumps and injectors, resulting in reduced reliability and expensive engine repairs. With the SEPAR fuel filter,  fuel systems are protected, and engine failure is avoided by the filters’ ability to separate harmful particulate and water from diesel fuel.

Upgrade your current fuel water separator to a SEPAR SWK 2000 Fuel Filter

Separator Spares & Equipment provides genuine SEPAR Filters, SEPAR Filter elements, SEPAR Filter parts, and accessories.

SEPAR Filters

SEPAR Fuel Filters, SEPAR Filter Elements, & SEPAR Filter Parts


Single and duplex systems are available from 80 GPH to 2060 GPH. The duplex switch assemblies allow element replacement while the engine is running.

Small Physical Size

High Flow Rate

Low Restriction

Long Life Filter Elements

Simple Installation

Back Flushable


How does a SEPAR FILTER function?


Fuel enters (A or B Port) where the interior vane system gives circular motion to the fuel.


Fuel still in circular motion reaches the bowl section where water and heavier particles are forced to settle on the bottom of the bowl.


The fuel then passes the second vane system, changing rotation, which separates smaller size water droplets and finer particulates.


Just below the filter element, the fuel passage widens, thus reducing its speed and allowing even more contaminants to fall down in the bowl by gravity.


The final filtration of the remaining contaminants is accomplished by the long life filter element. The clean fuel leaves the filter via ports C or D on either side of the filter.


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