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What information is required for ordering a filtration system for an offline oil filter?

When sizing an offline oil filter (bypass-filter) the following basic information about the oil system should be provided:

  • Oil volume in the system or tank
  • Oil type (ISO VG)
  • Oil Temperature (normal operation and ambient temperature)
  • Oil contamination problems
    – Particles
    – Oil degradation products, sludge, and varnish
    – Water (ingress or accumulated)
  • Application
  • Associated equipment and/or engine model number
  • Machine operation hours per day
  • Available power supply
What is Full Flow Filtration?

Full flow filtration is where all of the oil pump output is filtered before going to the engine. The full-flow filter provides essential engine protection. The full-flow filter must capture and retain damaging contaminants.

What is Bypass Filtration?

Bypass Filtration is where a proportion of the oil flow is filtered to a considerably better degree than in a full flow filtration system, before traveling back to the oil sump. A bypass filter is sometimes referred to as a secondary filter. Bypass filters working in a separate circuit (kidney loop) do not supply the engine with clean oil directly. A bypass filter improves oil cleanliness.

A bypass filter is usually a much finer filter to capture smaller particles than the full flow filtration system. Because it has higher efficiency, it will have a much lower flow rate than a full-flow filter; particularly when the oil is cold. A bypass filtration system is designed to improve the overall cleanliness of the oil without compromising the flow rate to the engine.

What is Combination Filtration?

Combination Filtration is where both full-flow filtration and bypass technology are utilized in filtration. A combination filter is sometimes referred to as a two-stage filter.

Filter Better.
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