Portable Hydraulic Units

Portable Centrifuge Skids

We provide simple skid-mounted designs that are compact for Industrial Fluids and Applications.   


Turbine Lubricating Oils


Cooling Emulsions & Washing Lye


Industrial Lubricating Oils


Hydraulics Oils


Wash Water


Quenching Oils


Cutting Oils


Each unit can be specifically designed to meet each customer's requirements. This includes material requirements, voltages, pipe-work design, types of connections, control panel and oil pre-heater. The units are compact and easy to transport around any location, whether a Shipyard or an Industrial plant. The unit shown in the photo is an Alfa Laval MAB 104 complete with inlet strainer, feed and discharge pumps, by-pass pipework, electric control panel and oil pre-heater. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

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