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Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC is exhibiting at the PowerGen International Show. The show is scheduled to take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 23-25, 2024. Stop by Booth #2329 to learn more about our updated products and solutions for the Power Generation industry.

We specialize in aftermarket and genuine spare parts for separation and heat transfer products. We are the largest independent stocking supplier of aftermarket and original (OEM) spare parts of Alfa Laval Separators and GEA Westfalia Centrifugal Separators in the Americas. We have over 20,000 parts physically in-stock in our climate-controlled facility in Houma, Louisiana. All spares are of genuine quality. Our spare parts are fully compatible with OEM parts and come complete with a 12-month warranty on all non-wear items. The Separator Spares & Equipment brand comes on each and every box; therefore, you can rest assured that our whole team is behind you every step of the way.

We will be displaying and discussing the following spare parts solutions:
 Alfa Laval Separator Aftermarket & Genuine Replacement Spare Parts
  GEA Westfalia Separator Genuine & Aftermarket Replacement Spare Parts
  Mitsubishi Separator Aftermarket & Genuine Spare Parts
  Plate Heat Exchanger Replacement Gaskets & Plates (All Major Brands)
  Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Aftermarket & Genuine Spare Parts
  Alfa Laval Moatti Filter Spare Parts
–  IMO Screw Pumps Aftermarket Spare Parts
–  Filter Spare Parts (Major Brands)
  Fresh Water Distiller Spare Parts
  Centrifugal Oil Filters Spare Parts & Units (IOW Group Centrifugal Oil Filters, Mann+Hummel Centrifugal Oil Cleaners, Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges)
–  Oil Condition Monitoring
–   and more …


GEA Westfalia Separator

Separator Spares & Equipment is an Authorized GEA Mechanical Equipment (GEA Westfalia Separator) Distributor. We provide separators for the treatment and maintenance of fuel oils, lube oils, and combustible fuels for turbines and diesel engine power plants. We will be displaying the following solutions for the Energy Sector:

Diesel Engine Power Plants:

–  CAT Fines Removal
–  Crude Oil Treatment
–  Diesel Oil Treatment
–  Fuel Oil Conditioning System
–  Heavy Fuel Oil Treatment
–  Lube Oil Treatment
–  Process Cooling Systems
–  Sludge Treatment
–  Water Desalination System
–  Wastewater Treatment

Gas Turbines & Steam Turbines Power Plants:

–  Crude Oil Treatment
–  Diesel Oil Treatment
–  Heavy Fuel Oil Treatment
–  Lube Oil Treatment
–  Sludge Treatment
–  Wastewater Treatment

To learn more about GEA Westfalia power solutions, visit our GEA Westfalia Power webpage.



More than half the growth in global energy demand will go into generating electricity. In the process, natural gas and renewable sources of energy will increasingly replace coal. More than one-third of the growth in electricity generation could be attributable to renewables. A similar trend is occurring in global primary energy growth, where a quarter of this volume could be covered by renewables. For coal, oil, gas, wind, or water: Kelvion has the right solutions when it comes to generating and providing energy. Kelvion products are used in power plants worldwide. 

Kelvion’s state-of-the-art plate heat exchangers have been used successfully for cooling and heating all types of fluids. They are particularly recommended for geothermal heat pumps across a large temperature range, as well as for low-temperature solar applications, such as heating tap water. In addition, Kelvion offers plate heat exchanger-based solutions for cooling generators in high-temperature solar power plants and wind farms; for steam condensing in geothermal power plants, and for various cooling closed-water circulation systems in geothermal, solar, co-generating, and biomass power plants. All Kelvion heat exchangers are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring maximum heat transfer, high performance, and long service life.

To learn more about Kelvion PHE Systems, visit our Kelvion PHE Systems webpage.

Separator Spares & Equipment is an Authorized Kelvion Machine Cooling (GEA Bloksma) Distributor. We will be displaying the following heat exchanger solutions for the Energy Sector:
–  Diesel Engine Cooling
–  Lubrication Oil Cooling
–  Auxiliary Cooling Circuit Isolation
–  Co-generation Applications
–  Geothermal Applications
–  Heat Recovery

To learn more about Kelvion Machine Cooling solutions, visit our Kelvion Machine Cooling webpage.


About PowerGen International

PowerGen is the largest network and business hub for electricity generators, and solution providers engaged in power generation. Power producers, utilities, EPCs, consultants, OEMs, and large-scale energy users gather at PowerGen International to discover new solutions as sizeable centralized power generation business models evolve into cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. PowerGen creates a progressive environment for their core audience looking to evolve while attracting new energy professionals embracing the clean movement towards Destination 2050. PowerGen is the industry standard and resource for electricity professionals to collaborate, connect, and meet with solution providers supporting the clean energy transition through digitalization, decarbonization, and efficiency while continuing to feature unparalleled opportunities in equipment and manufacturing.

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